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The True Story

Such is the extent to which Sinn Fein / IRA terrorists were prepared to go to there are certain methods used which even people familiar with the methods of terror groups in the twentieth century would find incomprehensible.

It is quite clear that with every murder by Sinn Fein / IRA terrorists in South Armagh the attacks seemed to become more and more sadistic, brutal and medieval.


As you will appreciate we cannot delve too deeply into the exact nature of all cases as families have never come to terms with why they should have ever had to suffer such acts of inhumanity. There are many examples in South Armagh with horror stories almost too graphic for words. Examples of force used were cases of having teeth pulled out, their fingernails plucked out, tatooes removed with a knife, genitals removed and stuffed in the victim's mouth. Others had concrete blocks dropped on their body to break and crush limbs. Victims beaten with sticks with six inch nails embedded in the sticks.

In some cases the victims were force fed drugs to keep them conscious so as to prolong the suffering and when the body could physically stand no more they would be riddled with gunfire to at last put an end to their misery. Bodies were often left stripped naked by the side of the road, some boobytrapped in order to try and kill other members of the security forces.

Thomas Armstrong - murdered by Republicans

Thomas Armstrong murdered by Republicans

It is beyond any explanation by Sinn Fein / IRA have allowed such acts to happen and why they sanctioned such attacks against their fellow neighbours who only wanted to live in peace and enjoy normal family life.

How can we be reconcilled with people of this calibre stalking our countryside and prepared to carry out such atrocities. Human Rights has never been on the Republican agenda in South Armagh, only bloodshed and intimidation.

Willy Frazer outside a military watchtower

Military Outposts are necessary to defend ordinary people from Terrorist Activity