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Tullyvallen Massacre

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IRA/SinnFein terrorists were again to show that tolerance of a section of the community in South Armagh was and still is zero.

On 1st September 1975, one of the worst atrocities was carried out at Tullyvallen Orange Hall one mile from the Irish border where five men were cowardly cut down while carrying out an act of worship.  These men were to be "lambs to the slaughter" as they had no protection and met on he same night every month a fact which would have been know by their IRA/SinnFein neighbours in South Armagh.

tullyvallen orange hall

The killers entered the hall and began to fire indiscriminately cutting down all that stood in front of them.  There was utter chaos as men dived for cover to try and save themselves from psychopathic killers.  Fortunately one member in the hall who was an off-duty member of the security forces had his gun and when he fired a shot the cowards then fled still firing through the windows leaving a trail of devastation behind.

All the men murdered in this attack were deeply religious and devout family men.  They were highly respected local citizens with some aged over 70 and 80. 

Such was the thirst for blood at this time that IRA/SinnFein gunmen were lying in wait to mount an attack on the funeral home of Corporal Robert Frazer who was murdered the night before nearby by IRA/SinnFein.  The gunmen were spotted by the security forces and fled before they could be apprehended.  This was the depths they were prepared to stoop to when they were even prepared to visit a home already in grief to inflict further pain.   The local community has been removed due to a continuation of the daily actions of Republicans in South Armagh.

tullyvallen funeral

The hall today still stands as a permanent reminder of what happened that terrible night and that the same may well occur in the future such is the sign of little change in the attitudes of those who carried out this attack.

It did not take brave soldiers or courageous volunteers to carry out this attack but bloodthirsty, evil gangsters who were faceless, gutless and heartless.  The only thing this attack succeeded in doing was to convince everyone as to the exact nature and objective of what the IRA/SinnFein really stands for.

tullyvallen funeral


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