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Stories of South Armagh

During the past 30 years South Armagh has become synonymous throughout the world when one speaks about the present troubles in Northern Ireland.  It has within its boundary villages such as Crossmaglen, Forkhill and Newtownhamilton to name but a few.  It is idyllic countryside with tourist attractions like the Ring 'O' Gullion which is ironically known as an Area of Natural Beauty as designated by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.   But to everyone throughout the world it is "Bandit Country" which it really is.

Beneath this beautiful facade however lies untold misery, bloodshed and pain of a community who have been under siege for the past 30 years.  This community being, not Irish Catholic as one would naturally assume from years of outlandish propaganda, but Ulster Protestants.

Tommy Cochrane- murdered by Republicans

Tommy Cochrane murdered by Republicans

During the past 30 years only commitment to our existence, coupled with un-equalled bravery and a belief in God has resulted in the Protestant population not becoming extinct at the hands of a carefully orchestrated campaign of ethnic cleansing.  We have resisted wave after wave of attack whilst showing little or nothing in the way of retaliation and have continually held out the hand of reconciliation only to have it cruelly cut off time and time again.

To bring to one's attention the realities of what life was like in South Armagh we will have to record with some discomfort the types of barbaric deeds carried out "in the name of Ireland" and without any moral justification.

J Bell- murdered by Republicans

John Bell murdered by Republicans

Imagine what you would feel after such attacks or if you lived in the USA and the Oklahoma bombers were walking the corridors or if Myra Hindley were a Government official briefing the National Health Service at Westminster.

Of the many atrocities perpetrated against the people of South Armagh some stand out above the rest. Please takes some time to read through the following:

Altnaveigh Massacre, 17th June 1922

Tullyvallen Massacre, 1st Sept 1975

Kingsmills Massacre, 5th Jan 1976

Darkley Gospel Hall Massacre, 20th Nov 1983

Glenanne Ulster Defence Regiment Base, 31st May 1991

James Frazer a UDR soldier murdered by IRA/SinnFein gun men

Attack on Newtownhamilton RIC Barracks, 9 May 1920

Newtownhamilton - bombed over 30 times

Please take the time to read some of the personal stories of suffering:

Willie Frazer - My Own Story

The Story of James McCommack

The Story of Bea Worton

The Story of a Darkley Gospel Hall Survivor

Click here to listen to multimedia presentations about the stories of terror and suffering that have taken place.