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15/09/05 - Govt Aims To Silence Victims

In recent days Families Acting For Innocent Relatives' (FAIR) view that the Government wishes to silence Victims Voices in order to speedily pave the way for a 'brighter' future, have been confirmed. While ex prisoners groups in the locality have been bought off with hundreds of thousands of pounds in funding, FAIRs future to support innocent victims of terrorism was put in jeopardy by blatant discrimination from the powers that be.

FAIRs plans to acquire a permanent centre for service provision was shelved by Stormont mandarins. As an excuse it was claimed that FAIR does not work towards reconciliation which group members feel is as an outright lie. FAIR is the biggest victims group in Northern Ireland with approximately 2000 members supporting and benefiting from our work. FAIR have been involved on several major reconciliation projects in recent years with most minor projects encouraging members to make the move from victim to survivorhood.

That victim is not forgetting the horrors of their pasts quickly enough, to suit the British and Irish Governments and their funding intermediaries, is plain to see. A policy of 'sweeping victims under the carpet' to avoid ripples in the peace process is only endangering the possibility of real lasting peace. Justice, Dignity and Remembrance must be achieved before society can move on. This is top of the agenda for our members and they will move on when and if they feel ready.

FAIR will continue to fight for the rights of innocent victims regardless of the inequality of funding from Government regardless of funding secured or base of operations.


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