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Relatives for Justice - Racist Rug

On 6th August 2001 the Republican terrorist front group Relatives for Justice launched a quilt that is not only a mockery of victim hood, but an example of extremely racially offensive material. This quilt is being displayed and promoted on the basis that it is supposedly in the cause of peace and reconciliation, but in reality this could not be further from the truth.

It is comprised of some 250 squares, each representing a person that died in the troubles. Overall there are 265 individuals represented, and it is claimed this is to be added to. The average square would display an image of the person with their name and information about their death. Quite often this information is accompanied by the trappings of paramilitarism, for the reason that many if not most of those represented would have been members of Catholic murder organisations and death squads. In the speech made at the launch of the quilt, Andree Murphy described one of the squares, which was sewn in memory of ‘Vol.’ Tony Gormley. This ‘volunteer’ was one of the Catholic terrorists shot by the SAS in Loughgall in 1987 while attempting to callously murder policemen.

The fact that the quilt generally glorifies terrorism is reprehensible and unacceptable, but this is not the worst, because it has an even more unpleasant feature, which must be condemned without reservation. The square for Eugene Toman displays racially offensive and provocative statements, which are clearly illegal in the light of race relations legislation. Members of FAIR, upon seeing this particular statement, were shocked and horrified in the extreme.

blatant racism

The Appalling Racism of Relatives for Justice

Upon Eugene Tomans square is the racist slogan “Ireland for the Irish”. To state "Ireland for the Irish" is to say that anybody who does not match the criteria of these racists for being Irish does not belong in Ireland. Not only is this offensive to the Ulster-British community, whom it is aimed at but also to the many immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers that have come to Ireland in recent years, and have been welcomed by most people. Quite clearly Relatives for Justice, has a racial agenda, which only confirms most objective people’s understanding of the IRAs racial bigotry that underpins its ideology and motivation for murder. It is sad that such a declaration reminiscent of Nazi Germany should be made in this day and age.

Eugene Toman himself was an active member of the IRA and suspected of being involved in the murder of three policemen a fortnight before he was shot. He died while in a car that crashed through an RUC roadblock in Lurgan, November 1982.

racist quilt

The Quilt - enlarged square can be seen in top left hand corner

This square and many others in the quilt, exhibit the current psychology of terrorism in attempting to assume the label of victim, while in reality they have been the source and origin of victim hood and suffering for so many. The blatant attempts to legitimise terror within this quilt, are only equalled by the appalling and overwhelming sense of hatred that emanates from each square. It is sad that such a project was funded by both the Community Relations Council and Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust (now Community Foundation for Northern Ireland), and that these organisations feel happy to support such material.

Please read the descriptions of the quilt given on the Relatives for Justice website via the following links:


On 28th August 2002 FAIR received a letter from Kevin R. Winters & Co. Solicitors, representing RFJ, demanding that our previous article of 5th August 2002 be removed. Apparently Relatives for Justice have found our analysis “extremely offensive and slanderous”. The victims of these murderers you are commemorating wish to state that your explicit racism and glorification of terrorism is repugnant and our exposure of this will be staying put. We await your threatened legal proceedings.