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At a time when hands across the United Kingdom are united in the rejection of terrorism, our Prime Minister has chosen to turn a blind eye to the evil conduct of the men he has forced into Government in Northern Ireland. By portraying the IRA as 'acceptable terrorists' as opposed to Al-Qaeda in order to pave the way to another hollow IRA statement of intent, Tony Blair has desecrated the memories of victims of terrorism in our here in Northern Ireland.

We are also mindful of the many families in London, the Home Counties and beyond, indeed families the length and breadth of the United Kingdom who are victims of Sinn Fein/IRA. The families of young soldiers cut down in their prime as they served to defeat terrorism here. Or the many victims of PIRA Atrocities such as the Harrods Bomb, the M62 bus bombing, the Guildford, Woolwich and Birmingham pub bombs, or the Hyde/Regents Park bombings to name but a few. How do these people feel when they hear their Prime Minister belittle the PIRA's terrorism?

The simple unavoidable truth is that there is no difference between terrorists regardless of their political goals.

How a British Prime Minister can so devalue the suffering of our families is beyond belief? Are our lives of less value or do our feelings or injuries hurt less? This classification of victims by postal code policy is a disgrace, it is a cruel and hypocritical position

As the sad images below show the results of a Muslim extremist bus bombing has exactly the same devastating consequences as a similar bombing by an Irish Republican terrorist.

IRA Bus Bombing Islamic Extremist Bus Bombing

Please tell us Mr Blair which bus was bombed by Islamic Extremists and which was bombed by the IRA?

Even sadder is the human cost of such actions. Victims of terrorist bombings regardless of perpetrating organization, not only share the cruel loss of their lives, but the bitter mutilation that can haunt families for a lifetime.

Below are the remains of several IRA bombing victims, innocents who suffered the same tragic fate as those in the London attacks. It is due to images such as these that victims in Northern Ireland are able to empathize with the families left behind after 7th July.
Body blown up by IRA Body blown up by IRA 2
Body blown up by IRA 3 Body blown up by IRA 4

Tell Us Mr Blair - Which of these poor souls were victims of Al-Queda and which were victims of the IRA?

In face of this undeniable evidence we demand Mr Blair to retract his statement, apologize to the victims he has insulted and confirm to law abiding citizens that there are no acceptable terrorists/unacceptable terrorists - just evil men who must be removed completely, without appeasement, from lawful society.


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