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FAIR Response to Irish News Article

In response to the Irish News Article, FAIR would like to confirm that it stands by the information on this website. All FAIR has done is to delineate the factual attested evidence of a senior police officer, an army Major and former MP and a former high ranking member of the IRA who is relied on by David Trimble for security advice and was attested by previous Irish Premier, Garret Fitzgerald as being reliable.

If anyone wishes to take court action against FAIR, we would be quite willing to use such a setting to look at the substantial evidence against Pat Finucane and we call for a full investigation into his terrorist activities. Indeed, FAIR would support any legal action by the victims of IRA terrorism to consider a class action for compensation against the assets of Pat Finucane's estate, including the law firm and centre that bear his name.

Alex Attwood MLA - Pandering to the terrorists agenda

Alex Attwood MLA, SDLP assembly member for West Belfast stated: "Any group which wilfully inflames community relations should be subject to full scrutiny from its funding bodies". Instead of attacking the evidence presented perhaps Alex would be better dealing with the racially inflammatory comment displayed by a government funded group in his own constituency namely Relatives for Justice. IRA terror-front RFJ received funding for a quilt that displayed the comment, "Ireland for the Irish". Please click here for full article on this racism. Maybe Alex is also a fascist, but we were unaware of an SDLP policy against ethnic minorities and anyone living in Ireland north or south who are not Irish. Maybe Alex would like to deal with the community relations in his own back yard and see the funding bodies deal with this instead of pandering to the terrorist's agenda, in order to get the necessary vote come election time in May.

Alex Attwood, like his SDLP party, has a history of selective amnesia when it comes to the issue of human rights. When you read the weasel words of Mr Attwood you would imagine he is a champion of the oppressed and disadvantaged without a sectarian bone in his body. But what is the truth about the behaviour of Mr Attwood.

Alex Attwood was active in Queens University Student Union politics which presided over a huge fall in the percentage of Protestant students attending the University as the Students Union there implemented a Catholic/Gaelic promotion strategy that sought to undermine the confidence of Protestant and Unionist students attending there. Sadly, this discrimination worked as increasing numbers of Protestant students felt forced to go to other UK Universities to avoid the sectarian bigotry of the QUB Union. It is strange that Mr Attwood was not concerned about the publicly funded QUB SU promoting sectarianism throughout his time there. However, may be he has had a 'Damascus road conversion' to human rights since then.

The European Convention of Human Rights in its Article 2 states that "Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law" and Article 3 states that "No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." Sinn Fein/IRA have in the last 30 years been engaging in Northern Ireland in a campaign of ethnic cleansing, murder and torture of the Protestant/Unionist Community. FAIR has highlighted many of these flagrant abuses that is recognised as so by all international human rights bodies. Sinn Fein is unrepentant of its involvements in sectarian atrocities and glories in them. One would have thought that a champion of human rights, like the self-styled Mr Alex Attwood, would be appalled by their behaviour, would seek to pursue any measures that limit their powers and support every measure to remove these people from society. However, when Mr Attwood had a chance to vote for a Lord Mayor this year he said it was time that Sinn Fein got "a turn" at the top mayoral post. "After all, they are the largest party in Belfast City Council," Attwood said. "There would have been no right time for unionists."

FAIR identified the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church with IRA terrorism by the revelations that the current Pope send a golden crucifix to Hunger Striker who committed suicide on his slim fast diet, Bobby Sands. As we now learn from Sean O'Callaghan and the current PSNI Chief Constable that many Catholic Priests including Father Jim Chesney from Claudy were involved in IRA atrocities and paedophile activities will Mr Attwood call for a suspension of their charitable status until the Catholic Church is fully investigated and apologises for its human rights abuses? Perhaps Alex could illuminate us why he supports closer integration of Northern Ireland into Europe and opposes that with respect to the UK. Could this paradox be solved by virtue of sectarian thinking?

Gerry Kelly - unrepentant, sectarian bomber and hypocrite

There is an amusing side to VERY BLATANT hypocrisy, and Gerry Kelly is not only a cold-blooded terrorist, but also quite a funny guy - apparently. Gerry called us a disgrace and said: "Fair state that they are speaking for innocent victims but are attacking Pat Finucane in the same ways that his UDA killers did, in calling him a terrorist". Killers, Terrorist, well you would know all about that wouldn't you Gerry! In fact we oppose terrorism from all quarters whether UDA or Gerry Kelly, and have no sympathy for Pat's UDA killers.

Gerry Kelly is a long standing member of the IRA, an organisation of primarily Catholic terrorists whose raison d'etre is to ethnically cleanse Northern Ireland of its Protestant citizens. It is amusing that Gerry, like Alex Attwood, is now concerned about the human rights of IRA terrorist and lawyer, Pat Finucane when he has been part of an organisation that destroys and has no time for human rights. Let us look at the history of Gerry "the statesman" Kelly.

In March 1973 Kelly bombed the Old Bailey and Scotland Yard following which killed 1 person injured 250 and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was tried at the Old Bailey and received two life sentences plus twenty years. Kelly and the others, in a republican tradition, immediately commenced a hunger-strike to commit suicide. After 205 days, during which time Kelly was violently force-fed 170 times, the British government conceded to his demand and he was transferred to Long Kesh in April, 1975. On escaping from the Maze in 1983 he also kindly shot a prison warder in the head. As an unrepentant murderer and terrorist we can understand him jumping to the defence of a comrade of similar ilk, but to insinuate we are behaving like terrorists? It seems that Gerry has not come to terms with the depths of his black crimes.

Upon his escape from the Maze, Gerry Kelly and his good friend, the monster Brendan 'Bik' McFarlane (a sectarian murderer who shot dead in Belfast innocent Protestant civilians) eluded capture and went to Europe. When they were finally arrested in Amsterdam 1986, after a tip-off, their flat in Amsterdam contained cash in several currencies, maps and fake passports, and the keys to a container holding ammunition, rifles and bomb-making material. 14 rifles, 100,000 rounds, and about a ton of nitro-benzine, were also recovered by the authorities. They were extradited and sent back to the Maze.

FAIR has come under pressure from a number of organisations to remove this information but we stand firm. We will not be diverted from our aims to expose those who have committed human rights atrocities by hypocrites and sectarian bigots. May be Alex Attwood and Gerry Kelly, should read Articles 9 and 10 of the ECHR (now incorporated into UK law in the Human Rights Act 1998) and realise that FAIR are only exercising the rights given there to articulate the collective thought and conscience of the victims of IRA terrorism. We are not breaching human rights - we are seeking to enforce them! If we are to have a just and equal society in Northern Ireland then the human rights of all our people need to be recognised and valued. No one should be above the law.

The truth about the IRA terrorist, Pat Finucane has and will continue to come out and we call for an public inquiry into his terrorist activities.