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The Somme is a psychological landmark for the Protestant people. In the words of Winston Churchill, 'This was the greatest loss and slaughter sustained in a single day in the whole history of the British army.' That loss and slaughter will always be one of the key influences on the psychology of the Protestants from Ulster. 'Not a single man turned back' is what history books record, 'not a single one'. One German General was noted to have said that the Ulstermen at the Somme were lions led by donkeys, and that the donkeys were the English generals.

The 36th were one of the few divisions to make significant gains on the first day on the Somme. They attacked between the Ancre and Thiepval against a position known as the Schwaben Redoubt. According to military historian Martin Middlebrook:

"The leading battalions (of the 36th (Ulster) Division) had been ordered out from the wood just before 7.30am and laid down near the German trenches ... At zero hour the British barrage lifted. Bugles blew the "Advance". Up sprang the Ulstermen and, without forming up in the waves adopted by other divisions, they rushed the German front line ..... By a combination of sensible tactics and Ulster dash, the prize that eluded so many, the capture of a long section of the German front line, had been accomplished. This came at a heavy price, with the division suffering 5,104 on the 1st of July alone."

On return to Ulster from saving Britain in her hour of need, it was realised that three counties had been sold to Ireland by Britain. What gratitude this was in light of the sacrifice made on behalf of Britain, by Loyal Ulstermen on the fields of France.

Since WWI the B-Specials, RUC, UDR and now the RIR have all been stood down by Britain in their attempt to once again appease Republican scum in Ulster. Once again our loyalty and sacrifice is ignored in an attempt to appease the IRA, who will never be appeased. In the latest appeasement, the RIR are being stood down and more and more British troops are being pulled out of Ulster, leaving Protestants defenseless in the face of IRA terrorism. We recall 1975 when there was a “peace process” and the IRA used the lull in security to pull off a number of massacres in the South Armagh region. Peter Haine must be held responsible if the same situation develops again. He has pushed ahead with demilitarisation in the face of continuing IRA violence and criminality. He has been warned repeatedly about his tactics and how they will endanger the lives of Protestants especially in vulnerable areas, due to the IRA still being highly active. However he has ignored all warnings and left Ulster men and women defenceless and easy prey for IRA scum.

When will Britain take stock of history and realise that Republicans can not be appeased and also realise the Loyalty and sacrifice of Protestants in Ulster. IF YOU ARE BRITAINS ENEMY, YOU CAN BE BOUGHT……IF YOU ARE BRITAIN FRIEND, YOU WILL BE SOLD!


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