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Sinn Fein's Deceitful Slurs

Sinn Fein/IRA used to be able to get away with all manner of lies and deceit on a range of issue and for that to be unchallenged. Recently they have been accusing me of being a member of, or linked to, racist groups at home and abroad. These lies and slanders are without foundation and are just petty attempt to damage me and my organisation and I challenge them once again to produce evidence of these claims. The usual assertion has been that I am in contact with Larry Pratt, the Director of Gun Owners of America, and a man held in great respect as a gentleman.

It is true that Larry Pratt on a recent tour of South Armagh was able to see the direct effects of terrorist appeasement upon a community. What is not true are the falsehoods spread by Sinn Fein and others Republican sympathising cohorts, in blackening Larry Pratt with allegations of racism and links to the Ku Klux Klan. The fact is Larry opposes racism forthrightly, having been married for 30 years to lady of Hispanic origin and having all his children categorised by the US government as Hispanic. He also teaches English classes for Latin American immigrants into the US. Not the resume of a Klansman.

Of course by detracting the issue onto a personality lie the real issue of community safety and the direct threat posed by the IRA in south Armagh to the law abiding community is ignored. While links between Gun Owners of America and White Supremacy are nonsense it is a well attested fact that the IRA are closely aligned to other Marxist and Anti-American terrorists such as the PLO, Fidel Castro and FARC a fact not missed on our recent US tour which included a representatives and staff from both Congress and Senate.


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