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FAIR Trip to Israel

Delegation builds networks with victim's groups

Palestinian Media Watch - a group whose sole purpose is to expose the lies and propaganda produced by the Palestinian extremists. Advertisements, children's programmes and even pop videos glorify the 'shahid', the suicide bombers who so willingly take their own lives to murder and maim as many innocents as they can.

NATAL, Tel Aviv, a trauma centre providing psychiatric help and support to terrorist victims. Shortly after the group's departure from Israel a suicide bomber attacked a market very close to this location, murdering 3 people.

The 9m wall which now virtually separates PLO and HAMAS-sympathetic East Jerusalem from the West. If such a barrier had been used in South Armagh the terrorist criminals would not have been able to move as freely, and as it's results in Jerusalem show, the threat from terrorism could be greatly reduced.

William Frazer surveys the Golan Heights Battlefield where the Syrian and Jordanian armies suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the Israelis in the 67 War. It is now a buffer zone between Israel and it's reticent neighbours.

Israel Organisation for Terrorist Victims, the official victim's group of Israel based in Tel Aviv. Mr Cohen, pictured, is credited with having successfully pressured government to provide civilians with the same pension and compensation rights as military personnel.

Israel Trauma Centre, providing quality psychiatric help and support to Terrorist Victims, whether military or civilian. There experiences with the devastation left in the wake of terrorism reinforced the belief of FAIR that it always has the same results. Having forged useful links with such groups useful information relating to trauma and counselling can be exchanged.