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The Terrorist Comrades of Irish Republicanism

The audacity of Sinn Fein/IRA reached an all time high as last weekend in the aftermath of the terrorist atrocity in New York they organised an international terrorist conference. The republican movement which has long been a key player in the world of international terrorism held a get together for many of their longstanding terrorist comrades.

Sinn Fein/IRA has since the 1970s been the middleman for many of these groups and has eagerly fostered links with many disparate and desperate terrorist groups. There have been many reasons for these linkages, many share the same revolutionary Marxist ideology, and they espouse similar terror tactics including genocide, and the indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets. In terms of sharing expertise, buying and selling weaponry and ideas the recent Columbian affair where three republicans long associated with Sinn Fein/IRA were caught training or being trained by FARC terrorists, illustrates the ongoing nature of the IRAs international terrorist exploits. Despite public pronouncements to the contrary and assurances to Mr Haass, Sinn Fein/IRA have had representatives in Cuba for many years, from 1990 to 1995, according to security sources. Evelyn Glenholmes, 43, once the most wanted woman in Britain, was the Havana-based envoy to Latin America until she was succeeded by Niall Connolly, currently facing charges in Colombia. Other alleged IRA fugitives in the area include Paul Damery, wanted in the Republic for questioning about the murder of Garda Jerry McCabe during a robbery in 1996. Damery now runs a bar in Nicaragua and travels widely in the region. IRA co-operation with the Colombian rebels has been causing concern in international intelligence and policing circles for about two years. Last October links between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, (FARC), ETA, the Basque separatist group, and the IRA were discussed at an Interpol conference in Lyons. It is now suspected that ETA may have provided the link between the IRA and FARC. The Basque group has been in touch with the Colombian underground since a 1966 conference in Havana, and with the IRA since some of its members received explosives training in Kerry in 1972.

Basque Terrorists ETA have cooperated with Sinn Fein, providing links to other like-minded terror organisations

From these details it is clear that the weekend's conference was a reunion for groups that span the globe. In the war against terrorism all these groups must be tackled equally. Sadly there appears to be a willingness to let groups like ETA, the IRA and FARC slip through the net. The reasons given is that they are or where on ceasefire and there is the possibility of political dialogue and settlement of the conflicts these groups are involved. This sanitisation and even legalisation of such groups is a dangerous precedent to set as it offers encouragement to other terrorists. International terrorism must be smashed not supported it must be eliminated not included. The links to organised crime are reason enough to destroy these groups for they have shown that many have now moved beyond their original revolutionary political agendas. Originally crime was a means to an end now more often than not it is an end in itself. The IRA, ETA and FARC are all responsible for the international drugs trade that is destroying millions of young lives in cities across America.

Three Sinn Fein/IRA Activists caught training Colombian Narco-terrorists FARC

James Monaghan, the oldest of three IRA suspects arrested in Colombia earlier this month, is now known to be the republican movement's most experienced explosives expert. He has been running IRA training camps since 1969 and built the first bombs detonated by the Provisionals in Belfast. The false passport which the Colombian authorities seized from him showed he had been to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Costa Rica in July and September 1999. Connolly, who had been living in Havana where the Cuban government claims he was Sinn Fein's legal representative, had visited the same countries as Monaghan, as well as Panama. The fact that IRA suspects had contacts with left-wing regimes in Latin America should cause further disquiet in the United States. American officials, who are sympathetic to Sinn Fein despite its links to the IRA, regard the FARC rebels in Colombia as drug peddlers and terrorists. Philip Reeker, a State Department spokesman, said last week that America was monitoring the situation closely and would take a dim view of any collaboration between the IRA and the rebels. An American delegation visited Colombia and it is likely that the IRA's suspected collaboration with FARC was discussed with Colombian officials. The American people and the victims of international terrorism have a right to know what were the findings of this visit and what is the opinion of the Bush administration to terrorists in Ireland.

Financial returns that Friends of Sinn Fein, its fundraising arm, are about to lodge with the US Justice Department show that the republicans received more than $600,000 between November 2000 and last April. This averages about $100,000 (about 69,000) a month, one of the most lucrative six-month periods since a ban on fundraising was lifted, and was mainly raised through a dinner attended by Gerry Adams last year in New York. Sinn Fein/IRA has declared that they have raised about $5m in America since 1995, the real figure raised for the overall republican cause and spent on weapons may never be known. We the victims of terrorism in Ireland from both communities call upon the Bush Administration to return the IRA to the list of international terrorist organisations and to call a halt to their fundraising, which has led to the deaths of thousands in Ireland.

Fidel Castro - Cuban Marxist leader - Supporter and close ideological komrade of Sinn Fein/IRA

Terrorist is the greatest scourge that the world faces today, a point graphically illustrated by the attack on the USA. As victims we feel for each of the families thus bereaved and those injured and traumatised. As we are united by our common victimhood so we are united by our determination never to let the terrorists win. They must be defeated, and the hydra of terrorism must be eradicated. In our bitter experience the Republican movement have been to the forefront of promoting the evil agenda of political terrorism and their successes through the Northern Ireland peace process have been an evil inspiration to terrorists worldwide. The success of bombs in London particularly Canary Wharf in extracting concessions from a weak Labour government has not went unnoticed by men like Bin Laden.

Middle-eastern allies of Sinn Fein/IRA

This education process is enhanced by years of events like this weekends conference, where Sinn Fein/IRA invite representatives from like minded groups around the world and then revel in the success of their terrorist campaigns in Ireland. Sinn Fein/IRA has said Basque separatists will address its party conference in Dublin this weekend. It is ironic that these where the terrorists who first introduced Sinn Fein/IRA to the Middle East. Their contacts with Islamic terrorist groups has spanned three decades and indeed many of the weapons and explosives used against the innocent people of Northern Ireland have been provided by such groups. The blood of the innocent people of Northern Ireland is on the hands of these Islamic terrorist groups and their comrades in Sinn Fein/IRA as much as the blood of the innocent victims of America.

The enemies of America are also our enemies and we fully support any action against terrorism, and call for the new alliance to treat all terrorist groups with the same measure. While republicans may not be deemed a direct threat to the USA their support, sponsorship and example to terrorists across the world is indeed a real threat. As victims we stand shoulder to shoulder with those in America and to demonstrate our resolve to tackle terrorism whatever its guise wherever it is we led a demonstration at the Sinn Fein/IRA Conference this weekend (September 2001). It is sickening that at a time when Prime Ministers Blair and Ahern are rushing to fight terrorism across the world they are ignoring it in their own backyard. We like President Bush believe that those countries that harbour terrorists are as guilty as the terrorists themselves. Our protest will also highlight the safe-haven that has been created by the Irish Government. Their unwillingness to tackle terrorism, their refusal to extradite numerous terrorists over three decades and their lack of cross-border security co-operation make the Taliban regime look like a model of co-operation. Our protest was also aimed at voicing our shock that the US Ambassador attended the International terrorist conference. He disgraced the memory of the thousands who died in America and dishonoured the stated policy of President Bush, we call upon the US government to state unambiguously their policy on Sinn Fein/IRA which Tony Blair describes as being 'inextricably linked'. If the American policy is to treat terrorists in Ireland differently could he then explain to our widows and orphans how their loss is less that that of his own people.

Col. Gadaffi - Long Standing Supporter of Sinn Fein/IRA

About 260 motions will be tabled, at the conference, setting out Sinn Fein policy before the Irish general election, due before the end of next year. We called upon the delegates to consider one further motion - are they a truly democratic party and if so they must dispense with their military wing to which they are inextricably linked in the words of Tony Blair. Now is the time for that party to decide their future- are they to be included in the democratic process as a party like every other or are they to remain wedded to terrorism and pay the consequences like the Taliban regime. This ought not to be beyond our legitimate expectations, it has happened before with the Workers' Party, and it is no more than what democracy demands. The choice is clear: terror or democracy, evil or good.

Links between Provisional IRA and other Terrorist groups:

Terrorist Organisation Country/Region of Origin Links with PIRA
Corsica Learnt much from IRA and in return provides holidays for IRA supporters Fighting for separation from France
Fidel Castro - arch enemy of USA infamous for USSR backed Missile Crisis Cuba Shares Marxist revolutionary ideology. Adams planning a visit at present. Sinn Fein's Evelyn Glenholmes, 43, once the most wanted woman in Britain, was the Havana-based envoy to Latin America until she was succeeded by Niall Connolly, currently facing charges in Colombia.
FARC Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia Columbia - of interest to USA as it is the source of the cocaine which is fuelling the US drug culture Three IRA men captured leaving FARC held zone after a training mission. IRA have shared mortar knowledge in return for napalm bomb plans
United States Criminals USA One of IRA's gun-runners (Bulger) was on FBI top 10 most wanted. They have been behind weapon thefts from US Army bases and have extensive contacts in criminal and terrorist underworld. Many terrorists are on the run in USA and several have successfully fought extradition from the states. It has been a sources of much of the PROVOS weapons esp. Harrison network.
Timothy McVeigh - Oklahoma Bomb USA Prosecution alleged that detonator was supplied by the IRA
Dissident Republicans Ireland Key PIRA figures active in RIRA, high level of complicity in RIRA operations 'operational understanding' Materials used in Omagh bombing were from PIRA arms dump. IRA using dissidents to front arms buying expeditions to former communist countries, also Iraq.
Welsh Nationalists UK IRA sold them weapons in late 1960s Never active in terrorism
Iran Government gave IRA 20m deposited in account run by agent of Hezbollah in 'Jersey Account'
Bader Meinhoff Germany Contact for IRAs continental campaign which led to the deaths of several civilians and British army personnel.
Lotte Continua Italy Involvement with criminal world and suspected of playing a role in the assassination of Italian police chief.
ETA Spain Long standing links between Basque separatists and SF/IRA. ETA copied IRA structure and prison policy in return put IRA in contact with Middle East. ETA relied heavily on IRA example for their peace process. ETA may have provided the link between the IRA and FARC. The Basque group has been in touch with the Colombian underground since a 1966 conference in Havana, and with the IRA since some of its members received explosives training in Kerry in 1972.
PKK Terror Organisation Kurdistan Labor \ Workers Party (PKK) Turkey There are strong evidences about IRA's weapon resources, these are the Middle East and Greek Cyprus. For example, weapon parcels, which have Bl-Elfetih stamp on, were found in Ansverste in November 1977. Later, it was understood that those weapons were sent by Lebanon via Greek Cyprus.
Middle East Supplied arms to IRA most notably from Lebanon. Provide much needed training for IRA in return for information on car-bombs and other 'home-made' devices which have been used to terrorise the Middle East. Organised attacks on Israel and anti-American due to their support of the Jews. Anti-Semitism was also a feature of republicanism in the earlier part of this century when they were responsible for ethnically cleansing Jews from several Irish cities esp. Limerick. During this period and earlier republicans cultivated links with the Nazis and effectively fought with then to defeat Britain in the Second World War.
Col. Gadaffi Libya Most public in his support for IRA and sent 5 boat loads of guns, the last of which was captured. Supply of Semtex most notable acquisition. Also trained IRA eg. Slab Murphy early 1970s Infamous for supporting anti-Western terrorist groups and esp. Lockerbie Bombing.
Croat Guerrilas Former Yugoslavia Steady supply of weapons from Eastern Bloc countries after fall of USSR. Most notable last exploit was Irish government aid worker who set up arms deals. IRA activists spotted by British army in Balkans - supplying training in return for weapons.


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