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The IMC Report

The Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC) was set up by the British and Irish Governments on 7 January 2004.

In their initial report the four Commissioners – John Alderdice, Joe Brosnan, John Grieve and Dick Kerr – set out how Sinn Fein/IRA are still engaged in the ballot box and armellite strategy. These Commissioners have wide experience in the field and include the former head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist unit, former head of the CIA and the former Secretary General of in the Irish Republic's Department of Justice.

This report delineates that the Sinn Fein/IRA axis in Stormont are still actively engaged in their 30 year sectarian war of attrition against the Protestant/Unionist community. Despite the rhetoric of IRA Chief of Staff, Martin McGuiness MP, only the gullible pseudo ‘paddies’ who drink their green beer in Boston and New York bars buy into the lie that the IRA is genuine about peace.

Speaking of this dichotomous strategy, the IMC commented:

But PIRA nevertheless remains active and in a high state of readiness. It has been undertaking training in the early part of this year. It maintains a capability on intelligence, both on political events and on potential targets, and on weaponry. This provides ample evidence of an organisation maintaining its capacity to undertake acts of violence or to participate in a terrorist campaign if that seemed necessary to it. In addition to its involvement in other criminal activities, PIRA is engaged in the use of serious violence, which we believe is under the control of its most senior leadership, whose members must therefore bear responsibility for it.

Tohill Abduction by PIRA

The facts of the incident can be stated very briefly. At about 17.45 on 20 February 2004 four masked men entered a bar called Kelly’s Cellars in Bank Street, Belfast. They were all dressed in white forensic suits, balaclavas and surgical gloves. The four men very severely beat Robert Tohill who was in the bar. They then dragged him from the bar to the vehicle in which they had arrived and had parked nearby. They forced him into the vehicle and the five left in it, one of their number driving.

A member of the public who had seen the incident had meanwhile telephoned the police, and there happened to be a PSNI patrol vehicle in the vicinity. The two officers in this vehicle intercepted the vehicle containing Robert Tohill and arrested four men. The names of those arrested are Harry Fitzsimmons, Gerard McCrory, Liam Rainey and Thomas Tolan. The four arrested men were subsequently remanded in custody on charges of causing grievous bodily harm, unlawful imprisonment and the possession of items likely to be of use to terrorists.

The IMC concluded:

We have received information from a number of official and unofficial sources. We have carefully reviewed all of this material. We do however believe this material, taken as a whole, indicates that the operation was one planned and undertaken by the Provisional IRA.

Relationship between Sinn Fein and the IRA

The IMC set out a candid and full statement of the relationship between the IRA and Sinn Fein. They reported:

It is difficult to be precise about what the relationship between Sinn Féin and the PIRA really is or about the PIRA’s own decision-making processes. Nevertheless, on the basis of the information we have received we believe that the situation can reasonably be summarised as follows:

Some members, including some senior members, of Sinn Féin are also members, including, in some cases, senior members of PIRA.

Sinn Féin, particularly through their senior members, is in a position to exercise considerable influence on PIRA’s major policy decisions, even if it is not in a position actually to determine what policies or operational strategies PIRA will adopt. We believe that decisions of the republican movement as a whole about these matters lie more with the leadership of PIRA than with Sinn Féin.

Within PIRA some decisions follow a process of consultation with the membership initiated by the leadership.

Sinn Féin must bear its responsibility for the continuation by PIRA of illegal paramilitary activity and must recognise the implications of being in this position.

This analysis is a damning indictment on the so-called peace process. For too long the majority of people in Northern Ireland have been subjected to Republican demands for ‘justice’ and ‘equality.’ FAIR calls for a full and public investigation into the links between the IRA and Sinn Fein. Why are the PSNI not arresting these identified individuals who wear ‘two hats’? If the USA government is able to detain Al Qaeda suspects at Guantanamo Bay without trial, surely it is legitimate for the UK Government to do the same to these Republicans.

It is ironic that the Sinn Fein leadership now rejects the validity of the IMC when they fully embraced the legitimacy and conclusions of Peter Corry. IRA sectarian terrorist, Gerry Kelly MLA stated after the Corry report on BBC television that IRA/Sinn Fein were happy to participate into any public investigation.

If N. Ireland is to have a truly democratic society then those who continue to breach fundamental human rights should be punished. The woman and children murderers of Darkley, Le Mon, Kingsmill, Warrington makes up the current leadership of Sinn Fein. When will these sectarian bigots be called to account? Surely, in light of the IMC report the murderers of the IRA who were released early under the Good Friday Agreement should be recalled. The IRA is clearly not on a ceasefire.

FAIR calls upon those organisations such as Amnesty, CAJ, Pat Finucane Centre who maintain that they are dedicated to fighting human rights abuses to speak up. Considering the swamping of the media by such organizations Post-Corry, the Unionist community is entitled to ask why are they now so silent? What agenda are they actually working towards.

Human Rights are fundamental and must abuses must be dealt with whether they are perpetrated by the IRA/Sinn Fein axis or any Governmental organisation.