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Going ahead despite efforts from Republicans and the Government

Above left - the ladies learning wreath-making. Above right - a 'reception committee' in Wisconsin for the FAIR delegates who went there on tour in May 2004.

Enjoying the log flume at Alton Towers.

Above left - the Kids Christmas Party with a total of about 60 kids. Above Right - the go-karting proved a rip-roaring success and a favourite with the young people

Above left, the opening of the new premises in August 2004. Mount Pleasant house was opened by Lady Fieldhouse, and attended by many veterans, victims, politicians and friends from far and near. Above right - the trip to Scotland - a welcome weekend break for members of FAIR to Irvine in Scotland

Above left, Willie Frazer with some Israeli soldiers in October 2004. Representatives from FAIR met with victims in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, building networks which will be useful in the future.

Some of the group who went to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra, 2004. Such trips are an ongoing feature of FAIR's work - to get people of like minds together who have suffered at the hands of terrorists - and to offer them worthwhile and enjoyable social outings

Plenty of action at the Kids Party in 2003, with around 50 kids taking part and bouncing till their hearts content. Event's like these get the mothers and grannies of the group together, as well as the children.

Some of the Panto-goers in December 2004. FAIR sent 150 people on 3 coaches to the Opera House, Belfast, with 35 others making their own way to the venue. "Jack and the Beanstalk" was a rip-roaring success with young and old alike.

The Football Coaching week which took place in August 2004 saw 60 young participants put through their paces by some of the best football coaches in the country. Above left shows the prize-giving, whilst above right shows one of the instructors showing some very keen kids a few handy tricks.


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