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Recent Comments about SF / IRA

"The loss of traditional support is mirrored even more graphically in the US where the once formidable Irish Northern Aid (Noraid) has all but disappeared. A former prominent leader of Noraid, New York attorney Martin Galvin, told The Irish Family how "one after another former leaders have walked away heart-broken" from the pro-Irish Republican organisation on grounds of principle. They believed that "current strategies were wrong, that they had been told lies and misled," he added."

"The past twelve months have seen several leading Republicans break ranks with the leadership and condemn its flawed policies and control-obsessed arrogance. Included among these were a number of elected figures. It now emerges that up to 40% of party activists in areas of Dublin and across the North have turned their backs on an organisation that some had served for decades. Most fail to see how administering British rule from Stormont can lead to the party's stated objective of a united Ireland."

"The Irish Minister for Justice, Mr McDowell, has fired a fierce broadside against Sinn Féin and the IRA. He spoke of a republican project to "rewrite history and to baptise the most brutal, cowardly, blood- soaked, divisive, anti-republican, sectarian, hate-driven and destructive terror campaign as a heroic struggle for peace and human rights".

"Editorials in the leading newspapers in the Republican of Ireland spell out the message, loud and clear, that both governments and supporters of the peace process have been conned by the duplicity of Sinn Fein/IRA. In particular, there is a heavy criticism of the absence of a sense of outrage by the Irish Government. Far from "keeping at it" as suggested by Dermot Ahern, the media advice is to lock up the criminals. At a time when the people of Ireland, North and South, have finally awakened to the near fatal damage done to the democratic process and the rule of law by the pathetic appeasement of terrorists, the two governments are offering more of the same. The policy is clear. The governments will wait until after the May elections and then begin, once more, the process of trying to incorporate irredeemable terrorists into the democratic process. This policy has made widespread Mafia-like criminality endemic in Northern Ireland.