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American Support for Terrorism

Terrorist Organisation Country of Origin Links with PIRA Details
Corsica Learnt much from IRA and in return provides holidays for IRA supporters Fighting for separation from France
Fidel Castro - arch enemy of USA infamous for USSR backed Missile Crisis Cuba Shares Marxist revolutionary ideology Adams planning a visit at present Sinn Fein's Eibhlin Glenholmes, 43, once the most wanted woman in Britain, was the Havana-based envoy to Latin America until she was succeeded by Niall Connolly, currently facing charges in Colombia.
FARC Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia Columbia - of interest to USA as it is the source of the cocaine which is fuelling the States drug culture Three IRA men captured leaving FARC held zone after a training mission. IRA have shared mortar knowledge in return for napalm bomb plans
United States Criminals One of IRA's gun-runners (Bulger) was on FBI top 10 most wanted. They have been behind weapon thefts from US Army bases and have extensive contacts in criminal and terrorist underworld. Many terrorists are on the run in USA and several have successfully fought extradition from the states. It has been a sources of much of the PROVOS weapons esp. Harrison network.
Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma Bomb Prosecution alleged that detonator was supplied by the IRA
Dissident Republicans Ireland Key PIRA figures active in RIRA, high level of complicity in RIRA operations 'operational understanding' Materials used in Omagh bombing were from PIRA arms dump. IRA using dissidents to front arms buying expeditions to former communist countries, also Iraq.
Welsh Nationalists Great Britain IRA sold them weapons in late 1960s Never active in terrorism
Iran Government gave IRA 20m deposited in account run by agent of Hezbollah in 'Jersey Account'
Bader Meinhoff Germany Contact for IRAs continental campaign which led to the deaths of several civilians and British army personnel.
Lotte Continua Italy Involvement with criminal world and suspected of playing a role in the assassination of Italian police chief.
ETA Spain Long standing links between Basque separatists and SF/IRA. ETA copied IRA structure and prison policy in return put IRA in contact with Middle East. ETA relied heavily on IRA example for their peace process. ETA may have provided the link between the IRA and Farc. The Basque group has been in touch with the Colombian underground since a 1966 conference in Havana, and with the IRA since some of its members received explosives training in Kerry in 1972.
PKK Terror Organisation Kurdistan Labor\Workers Party (PKK) Turkey There are strong evidences about IRA's weapon resources, these are the Middle East and Greek Cyprus. For example, weapon parcels, which have Bl-Elfetih stamp on, were found in Ansverste in November 1977. Later, it was understood that those weapons were sent by Lebanon via Greek Cyprus.
Middle East Supplied arms to IRA most notably from Lebanon. Provide much needed training for IRA in return for information on car-bombs and other 'home-made' devices which have been used to terrorise the Middle East Organised attacks on Israel and anti-American due to their support of the Jews. Anti-semitism was also a feature of republicanism in the earlier part of this century when they were responsible for ethnically cleansing Jews from several Irish cities esp. Limerick. During this period and earlier republicans cultivated links with the Nazis and effectively fought with then to defeat Britain in the Second World War
Gadafi Libya Most public in his support for IRA and sent 4 boat loads of guns last of which was captured. Supply of Semtex most notable acquisition. Also trained IRA eg Slab Murphy early 1970s Infamous for supporting anti-Western terrorist groups and esp. Lockerbie Bombing
Croat Guerrilas Balkans Steady supply of weapons from Eastern Bloc countries after fall of USSR. Most notable last exploit was Irish government aid worker who set up arms deals. IRA activists spotted by British army in Balkans - supplying training in return for weapons

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