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Armani Suits can't hide your Guilt

At last we see the undeniable truth coming out for the world to see. The 'peaceable' IRA has been implicated in the biggest bank haul in British history. Instead of the "give and take" of the negotiating table the criminal IRA have plotted and succeeded in taking 26.5 million pounds from the Northern Bank, no doubt with the intention of strengthening their evil grip on Northern Ireland's society.

Hugh Orde's statement should serve to sober up Nationalists and Unionists drunk on the heady brew of the Good Friday Agreement, and throws cold water on the current, though stalled, "peace process". This heist demonstrates clearly their criminal capabilities and motivation - their structure is still very much in place and well-oiled. It is also clear that the tentacles of this terrorist organisation can reach any part of our society; even the securest of bank vaults are no longer unreachable. The criminality of their actions hits home the message that they are still very capable of murder, intimidation, smuggling, and all the other illegal activities they have had a hand in. Instead of being phased out, the IRA is a flourishing force that needs to be rooted out of our society.

Having highlighted their activities in South Armagh, the magnitude of this robbery must force Hugh Orde to halt all demilitarisation in this border area. These people have not changed - their mindset has become more devious, their minions the more hungry for power. In such a situation it is the responsibility of our security forces to provide adequate protection - as well as adequate penalties to dissuade criminality. It is clear that the republican movement's objectives are still in place: to maintain a terrorist force and achieve a United Ireland by any means available.

And it also pays to be in the IRA - if there are 300 so-called active servicemen in the IRA, that's almost 100,000 each. If it was to go to the Sinn Fein electorate, then a 150 loyalty bonus might swing a few more SDLP voters. The sum of 26.5 million pounds would be a tidy sum for UDR or RUC men's families, or those civilians bereaved or injured. It's just a pity for the IRA's sake that the majority of the notes are worthless.

FAIR calls on the DUP to stand firm and for the Unionist Party to smell the coffee. The wake up call has resounded throughout the Province, and hopefully fringe parties like the SDLP and Alliance will respond. The British and Irish Governments promised that if they continued to pursue terrorism and criminality they would be summarily dealt with. It's time to deliver on those promises, and with the little security we have left to establish proper law and order in this country. If it is not done, then the potential for another Kingsmill tonight and a Darkley tomorrow are still there. The innocent victims of these criminals will not accept another 30 years of their butchery.


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