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Irish Collusion With IRA

When the Irish Government point the finger of collusion they must be mindful that three are pointing back as the old adage goes. They have well and truly scrapped the barrel in this regard as they trawl for any scrap of supposition. The cross party joint committee set out to examine the Barron Report and herein we see the fatal flaw in the process. The Barron Report is not a credible piece of work as simply showed the total lack of evidence of any worth. Indeed it revealed more deficiencies in the Irish Government and Gardai response than anything else

The Irish Government in a shocking failure to take responsibility for their role is presently trying to redirect blame to every other party. Whilst Bertie Ahern talks of the ‘spectre’ of British collusion we as victims of Irish State sponsored republican terrorism can talk of the real evil figure. Whilst the present Irish allegations are based on the confessions of discredited ex members of the security forces and a heady cocktail of Republican supposition and superstition we can present real facts. Our facts include the involvement of Irish Military Intelligence in the formation of the PIRA, indeed it goes right to the top of the Irish Government and state as members of the Lynch Government were involved in the instigation of terrorism in order to destabilise Northern Ireland, the creation funding and arming of the PIRA. This happened in the most obvious fashion in 1969-1970 but later as the materials needed for terrorism were allowed into the hands of the PIRA. Instances of tonnes of quarry explosives along with detonators and other materials which were allowed to fall into the hands of the PIRA.

There was nothing new in yesterdays report it was a rehash of Sinn Fein and Republican propaganda clearly used as a political ploy to take ground back from Sinn Fein in the run up to elections. Clearly there are politicians in the Republic who think that there is mileage in playing to the anti-British Gallery in the South. Perhaps we will see a string of such reports into all aspects of alleged British misdeeds, maybe it will; be the Potato Famine next week.

However if the Irish feel that they have a case and it is as they say ‘international terrorism’ then they should take it to an international court. We would be very keen to see an international inquiry look into the totality of collusion during the troubles, beginning with the role of the Irish government as agent provocateurs in the street violence and descent into terrorism. As victims of their state sponsored terrorism, and as border communities which were ravaged by murder gangs operating out of their terrorist safe haven of a state. Their total failure to tackle terrorism due to the institutionalised nature of the collusion in that state and the actions of members of their security forces, their agents and assets in acts of terrorism.

If they want to explore this issue then we as victims are quite willing, in fact we challenge them to a debate and to take this issue as far as they feel comfortable. Perhaps we need to re-examine the role of the Irish State since in inception in the sponsorship of terrorism against Northern Ireland and against its own citizens most notably ethnic minorities such as the Protestant and Jewish communities. For a state that has such a dirty past we are surprised that it chooses to raise the issue at all but perhaps there is a new willingness to address the issue of collusion in its entirety. We intend to meet this joint sub-committee to expose the myths their work is founded upon and disabuse them of many of their more fanciful notions; and more importantly to outline the side to collusion they appear to have forgotten.

As victims of Republican murder squads which operated freely from the Irish State we are angry that their one sided approach to collusion and terrorism and it will end now. We will no longer tolerate their partisan interventions which appear to only see one perspective and argue for one community. Their hypocrisy and selective amnesia is shocking and has become the greatest stumbling block to reconciliation as a gulf has been created. Nationalists and republicans have been feasting at the table to recognition and redress being waited on hand and foot by the British and Irish governments, International experts and a host of others. Their menu is vast from the Saville starter to the Barron main course, all that is left is a sickenly sweet desert from the kitchen of Bertie Ahern. They have gorged themselves on sympathy legitimacy and redress while the victims we represent have been tossed the scraps form the table.

We feel that the only way that we as victims can get similar recognition and redress is if we challenge this hypocracy and take our case directly to these people. We intend to be heard whether it’s in the Dail itself or on the streets outside. Despite the obvious threat to victims in Dublin as was evidenced by the vicious attack on the victims Parade a number of months ago we will have no option but to take our case to the streets of Dublin once more. Victims of Republican state sponsored terrorism will no longer suffer in silence we demand justice.


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