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Sinn Fein declares its mindset of violence

Once again IRA/Sinn Fein have confirmed their stance regarding the future of Northern Ireland. In this year's Easter Commemorations in Mullaghbawn and Camlough, speeches were made once again promoting and anti-democratic and totalitarian views towards the future in Northern Ireland. These speeches of course are nothing new but an annual eulogy of terror. It was made clear that there has been no change in the cause or objective of Sinn Fein/IRA and no change in the attitude towards the use of extreme violence and criminality as a means to that end. This of course has been the principle cause of conflict in Northern Ireland.

The Protestant community in border areas think that this is clear confirmation that a threat still exists in that Sinn Fein still believe in the moral justification of doing anything to achieve their aim. With the continued closure of barracks and military installations in south Armagh we can see the security situation and maintenance of law and order getting progressively weaker while the criminals only get stronger.

We are still waiting for the Republican movement to make a statement in simple terms saying that violence and terrorism are behind them and that there will never be justification to use violence in the name of a united Ireland. When referring to the gallery of criminals that grace the republican roll of dishonour, Pat O'Rawe MLA said that republicans were there to renew their "commitment to pursuing the vision that motivated these generations of republicans". Violence was the way in the past and there is no change in mindset to prevent it from being the way of the future.

We call on Conor Murphy and other Republicans to remove the threat that hangs over the Protestant and law abiding Catholic populations and to call an end to their criminality so that we can all live in peace.


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