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The Strasburg Witness

It is with disbelief that this latest ruling from the court in Strasburg is based on the hear say rumours of a ‘Walter Mitty’ character who is mentally unstable. So many of the allegations of collusion emanate from one ex-police officer who by his own omission was involved in criminality. Secondly he is known to many in this area as a dangerous fantasist whose only aim is self-publicity. He has an axe to grind against the RUC, as he himself was a police officer who was arrested for murder. This witness seems to be the main witness available that influenced the EU courts to make the decision they have made, regarding 8 murders in South and North Armagh. Let us look briefly at the credibility of this witness:

· He is a self-confessed criminal

· He is a murderer

· He is a compulsive liar

· He was not even in the area when some of the said murders were carried out

· He has stated in the past that a third party told him much of the information he has regarding the case. In other words his information is hearsay.

This mentally unstable convicted murderer in the past, whilst in the company of a journalist offered to William Frazer, Director of FAIR a container load of guns; an offer which was naturally declined. William was then offered a ship load of Mahogany at 10% of the cost price and followed by a contract offer in Rhodesia where millions could be made at a cost of 10% to a local military General. William immediately knew there was something not right about this man and asked the question that most people would ask: How much have you made out of these deals and contracts? Weir answered that he was working on something else! The name Walter Mitty comes to mind. He also told stories of things that happened in Newtownhamilton that William Frazer knew to be false, as he lived in that town for years.

The above information was all passed on to two senior Newry police officers, who came to the same conclusion William did at the time … The man was mad! However this seems to be the type of man that Republicans are basing their case on and astonishingly, the courts have agreed with Mr Weir’s claims. Republicans are still trying to re-write history and they are continually trying to blacken the good name of local RUC and UDR members who served with pride and courage in the bandit country of South Armagh.

We as a victims group have spent some time now in Europe lobbying for enquiries into murders in South Armagh and yet we have had no success to date. We have asked for enquiries into several major incidents and other related incidents that were carried out by the same IRA gang. Let us look at a few incidents that we have passed on information about:

Kingsmills – The night after the three Reevey brothers were killed and not half a mile away from this location… Ten men were taken out of a mini bus and butchered. There were up to ten gunmen and up to thirty individuals involved in total, yet there has not been one conviction or even arrest. The names of the individuals involved are well known, including the names of the people who organised the slaughter…

The murder of James Frazer – Once again the killers are well known as voices and faces of the perpetrators were recognised on the night of the murder. In particular the man who let the gunmen out of the vehicle and scouted the road for them was seen and identified. The same man was also involved in the Mountain House shooting, where three IRA men were apprehended. Once again a scout brought a wounded IRA man who managed to escape apprehension, to a hospital across the border. The same scout was identified again. Witnesses are available, yet no enquiries!

This particular IRA gang perpetrated many other terrible massacres. For example they were involved in the Tullyvallen massacre, where one man was arrested and charged. This man (McCooey) spilt his guts to the police and told all the names of those involved in the recent murders and yet there were no more arrests!

We intend to write to the court and establish if they know the true facts of their so-called witness who needs medical help. We would also raise a number of other issues with the court, based on actual facts and evidence in relation to IRA/SF collusion with the Garda, in relation to the mass murder at Kingsmills and other incidents in the general area.

We will not stand by and see the good name of the RUC and UDR degraded by the IRA/SF who were responsible for a majority of murders of both Protestants and Catholics.


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