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Community asked to hand over the murderers

In relation to the recent murder of Paul Quinn, William Frazer of the Victims group FAIR has been informed by a reliable source that at least 2 of those involved have also been involved in some of the many atrocities in South Armagh.

This butchery is not new, it has been happening during the last 30 plus years to the minority Unionist community in South Armagh and now these murderers think that they can get away with murdering their own community.

Now is the perfect opportunity for the decent people in the area to speak up to prevent further murders being carried out for financial gain or to settle personal vendettas, perhaps by handing these murderers over both communities will have the chance to work together.

William Frazer has already spoken to a number of the nationalist community from South Armagh who has made it quite clear that their political opinion is different from his but state that they now know what the Unionist community went through in South Armagh and for that reason he is asking the decent people of the area to pass on to the appropriate authorities any information they may have. If they are apprehensive in speaking to the appropriate authorities William Frazer will pass on the information for them while keeping their anonymity.

Some people seem to think that the unionist community don’t care that it was a Roman Catholic that was murdered but this is the point we have made all along, these so called defenders have been murdering people all along and getting away with it, but now is the time for the nationalist community to hand these people over before they murder more members of their own community for financial gain or personal vendetta’s. Is this the sort of existence that is wanted – living in fear from their neighbours not knowing who is going to be next murder victim and having these scum enforcing their own law and order in the area.

We will no longer stand for it and it is time the nationalist community to stand up to this scum.


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