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SF Chief shows his true colours

It is with no surprise that we see SF and Martin McGuinness refusing to help the people they have butchered and maimed over the last 30 + years. This is the comment from William Frazer of FAIR (Families Acting for Innocent Relatives) after the victims requested the Deputy First Minister to provide information to support their bid to sue Libya for compensation.

SF claim that William Frazer is using Libya for political gain but the only one’s to gain more politically out of this would be Sinn Fein and ‘a blind man on a galloping horse’ can see that. SF/IRA is showing that they are a bitter, bigoted and sectarian organisation to the people they butchered and maimed and are not prepared to make a slight gesture of goodwill to them.

Martin McGuinness is the man in charge of victims issues along with Dr. Paisley, is McGuinness not supposed to be impartial and not to hold spite against a certain individual or a certain section of the community. He should be able to look at this issue as a Deputy First Minister and not as a member of a sectarian terrorist organisation.

If this is the stance of the Deputy First Minister where does the First Minister, Dr. Paisley stand on the issue.

The victims will be seeking legal advice as it is obvious to the victims that Martin McGuinness does not have their interest at heart in his role of Deputy First Minister.

Again they (SF/IRA) have been put to the test and AGAIN they have failed the victims.

This certainly is not the end of this matter.


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