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Order out of order Orde out!

Past members of the police and the widows and orphans watch today in disbelief as the present Chief Constable meets Sinn Fein/IRA leader Gerry Adams. Despite the continuation of terrorist activity, organised crime, targeting and intimidation as evidenced by the latest IMC Report the police chief has decided to meet and further placate terrorism. The latest political stunt by the Chief Constable is a calculated insult to victims. Perhaps the wantabe politician Mr Orde feels left out of the present political process and need to get in on the act? Whatever his reason he is a disgrace to the uniform he wears and we call for his immediate resignation.

He is no longer acceptable and must go, then he will be free to pursue the political career he so obviously craves - perhaps the Monster Raving Looney Party have an opening for a policing spokesman! However we in Northern Ireland will no longer accept a second rate officer for this post. If he is so unable to recognise and tackle terrorism that he instead tries to placate it he is no longer fit for the job.

The topic on the agenda is demilitarisation or in other words removing the last obstacle to the IRA operating at will in South Armagh. If evidence was ever needed then last weeks security operation around Jonesborough is it. It took hundreds of troops and police supported by helicopters and with the security towers and bases to conduct a simple search and arrest operation. Does that sound like a 'normal' situation? Day and daily members of our community are targeted and intimidated by Republicans a situation that will escalate as soon as security is scaled down.

We will be meeting local police to discuss the security implications of a recent Judicial Review victory by William Frazer where the judge put on record the threat to Mr Frazer's life. This threat today comes from the PIRA, and is such that the courts have overturned a government decision not to grant him security protection under the Key Persons Protection Scheme. Indeed in a meeting last week with the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, who supported our legal action against the Secretary of State, it was clear Mr Frazer's Article2 (the right to life) rights have been engaged. We will now with the NIHRC press the government and local police to state exactly how as he lives and works in south Armagh that they will protect him.

This is the reality of the situation for thousands of people across Northern Ireland who live under the shadow of the terrorist gun. We are being asked to believe these people have changed and we should trust them. It is not the decommissioning of munitions that victims require but of the mindsets that motivate the terrorists. Politicians and governments can deny all they want but we know the reality on the ground. At this time we appeal directly to Dr Paisley not to forget about the innocent people in border or interface areas who continue to live in fear.

He and the DUP must put their security at the top of their list of requirements, if Sinn Fein/IRA continue to exist and to use violence or the threat of violence they must be excluded from government. As victims we appeal to our elected representatives not to forget us, this has been done in the past and our warning have not been heeded. Indeed this is why we are back to where we are, if a deal is to be done it must include victims.


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