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Order Orde out

Mr Orde's "see no evil, hear no evil" attitude to the PIRA would be farcical if it was not so serious and dangerous. This naive Englishman indeed has the audacity to try to spread his madness to the rest of the population. It staggers victims when we hear Hugh Orde speak about the PIRA. Their blatant and obvious activity can't be denied and indeed even the cheer leader of appeasement Mr Orde must admit that the PIRA remain active.

However as he dismisses this activity in a neat form of words it is left to the victims to once more spell out in graphic detail what Sinn Fein/PIRA 'activity' actually means on the ground. To an isolated protestant farmer along the border or a member of the minority unionist community in Newry Sinn Fein/IRA activity translates into daily intimidation and fear. At this time of elections Sinn Fein/IRA members use the cover of the ballot box to flex their muscles. Gangs of often armed republicans use the excuse of elections to invade areas, erecting posters where they calculate most offence will be created. Often at or near the scene of IRA murders these election posters are calculated to cause as much offence as the 'sniper at work' signs. They may not bear the image of a masked gunman but the message is still clear the :- terrorists are still at work - all be it under the disguise of Sinn Fein.

When Mr Orde speaks of PIRA activity, he fails to mention the criminal activity that goes on. Daily the ordinary law abiding people of South Armagh from both communities are forced to suffer in silence as the terrorist godfathers of Sinn Fein /IRA grow rich on the ill-gotten gains of smuggling, racketeering and other crimes. People still are targeted and we know all to well that the PIRA no longer have to kill in order to terrorise. Security and policing have deteriorated to such a level that they are non existent in certain areas. Everyday threats to kill are issued or maintained , indeed our own worker William Frazer continues to live under a death threat, like many others who dare to stand up to the terrorists.

Mr Orde knows all this as we have informed the police. Sadly his intelligence has been minimised at an organisational level by the destruction of Special Branch and its network of sources. And Mr Orde's intelligence at a personal level seems as minimal. He appears to have some form of learning difficulty when it comes to Sinn Fein/IRA, despite having all the facts he still comes to the wrong conclusion. Despite having to admit the obvious about ongoing terrorist activity he then tires to convince us that he is absolutely clear the PIRA are not going back to armed struggle. Perhaps Gerry or Martin has promised him? However if Mr Orde is stupid enough to believe republicans their victims will not. When Orde realises his mistake and is forced finally to resign he will simply go back home to England. However it is we the people of Northern Ireland and especially his victims that will have to live and die with his mistakes.


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