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Victims today led a protest against Sinn Fein/IRA’s entry into policing. In the midst of an aggressive Republican crowd victims challenged Adams as he entered the conference. He could not even look the innocent victims in the eye as he slipped into the event. What can only be described as a mob then surrounded victims hurling abuse in a frenzied attack.

It was only the media whose presence ensured republicans would not follow through on their threats made against victims. The intimidation and abuse was shocking with victims being taunted about the loved ones they had lost. It has simply confirmed our worst fears - these people are unfit not only for government but also policing.

The mask slipped today as Sinn Fein showed their real attitude to the rule of law. It must be remembered that they still do not recognise the police on either side of the border! When William Frazer challenged republicans if they still believed they had the right to kill and use violence in the name of their cause they could not answer. Indeed when he continued to challenge them the crowd melted away.

This is the real issue that Republicans continue to believe they are justified in the use of violence to further their political agenda, to silence opposition, to ethnically clense areas, to practice intimidation and harassment. Now they will be given the uniforms the weapons and the means to do that under the guise of playing a part in law and order. This is exactly how Communist agitators took hold in Eastern Block countries gaining a valuable foot hold in policing and effectively using this as a legalized funded militia to control areas of the country and force their will at a national level.

Victims today made their voices heard with a clear rejection of Republicans in policing. As a community that have supported and gave their lives for the police we know how disastrous their presence would be. An evil fifth column within policing they would subvert counter-terrorism operations, collude with organised criminals and destroy the moral and effectiveness of the police.

This is not a new dawn for policing it is rather the gathering clouds of a coming storm. For unionists who have been deceived by their political leaders into believing that Sinn Fein/IRA would never endorse policing today should be a wake-up call. Victims were also in Dublin to tell republicans that it is not words we accept it is actions. It is the end to criminality and intimidation we need to see, it is the passing of information of the thousands of murders attacks and crimes they have knowledge of and it is the unconditional support for policing. Victims will continue to face down Sinn Fein/IRA wherever they will be whether it is in the heart of South Armagh or in the midst of their party conferences. We are not afraid of these people, they have done their worst and we are still standing. It is they who should fear victims and what we can do to hold them to account.


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