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Prosecute army council

Following the Newsnight expose last night of the IRA army council, FAIR intend to hand in a letter to the Chief Constable Hugh Orde and also to the head of policing in Newry stating our feelings that it is an utter and total disgrace that action is not being taken on the basis of the information presented. Independent British and Irish intelligence sources together with other experts and observers are fit to name the same seven members of the army council with full agreement including south Armagh terrorist godfathers: Thomas Slab Murphy and Sean Gerard Hughes (a man we named previously on numerous occasions). The combination of four military and three political members exemplifies perfectly the armalite and ballot box strategy.

Our interest in particular lies with Hughes and Murphy who have been involved in butchery and terrorism over the last 30 years. The question we want an answer to is why have their assets not been ceased given the fact that they are well known smugglers as well as killers. We see how the government can bring six UDA men to account on the word of two informants. Why can Slab Murphy and Sean Gerard Hughes and their criminal companions not be brought to justice also? Maybe justice for the murder of innocent people is no longer a priority for the governments.

On Newsnight Irish Justice minister Michael McDowell put forward the Irish intelligence regarding IRA criminality and the composition of the army council but stated they could not act on their intelligence because witnesses were not prepared to go to court and other evidence was inadmissible. We want him to know that there are people within FAIR willing to give evidence if his government are willing to act in the cause of justice. I always thought that the word of a superintendent in the Irish Republic in court was enough to convict a person of membership of an illegal organisation, namely the IRA. Is this another rule of law that will not work anymore or is it just another appeasement. Justice must be done to reassure the victims especially in the border area that we still have some decency and democracy left.


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