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McAleese Hypocrite and Hate-monger

The victims of Roman Catholic terrorism in south Armagh have been saddened and angered by the public comments made by Mary McAleese at the Auschwitz-Birkenau commemoration yesterday. In her republican propaganda diatribe, which was wholly inappropriate given the nature of the event, she was keen to compare Ulster Protestants to German Nazis with the obvious intent of implying a moral justification for the republican terror campaign.

She stated with reference to Nazis: "They gave to their children an irrational hatred of Jews in the same way that people in Northern Ireland transmitted to their children an irrational hatred of Catholics, in the same way that people give to their children an outrageous and irrational hatred of those who are of different colour and all of those things," she said.

This in itself is blatant hypocrisy given that the political leader of the Irish Free State 60 years ago failed even to be discreet in his support for Nazism, and saw fit even to send a petition of condolence to the German embassy on the death of Hitler and personally visit the Nazi Ambassador to Eire, Herr Hempel - which was a full three months after the liberation of the concentration camps and the revelation of the full horror of the Nazi genocide.

It is clear he was sympathetic to the Nazi slaughter of Jews, and still willing to be open about it when it was clear that there would be no comeback for Nazi Germany, actions publicly applauded by George Bernard Shaw. This in itself is a disgrace and would give far more basis for slandering a whole generation of people than her contrivance.

As somebody who attended a Roman Catholic Primary School which was visited by a Roman Priest three times a week, I can testify from the increase in bullying and intimidation following his visits that he was teaching hatred of Protestants. Since then the Protestant community has suffered horrendously and far more than any community should. Mary has sought to portray herself as a bridge builder and woman of peace - now the south Down woman has shown her true colours. If she want to point the finger at Nazis maybe she should look closer to home. No longer will IRA propaganda statements like this go unchecked.


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