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Government Promises Smugglers/Criminals Clamp Down in South Armagh

We as victims have made our stance very clear to politicians and to the government. The threat that remains over us must go, especially in South Armagh. One of the main reasons for the threat, is the money being made by Republicans especially, in South Armagh. Every terrorist organisation needs money and it is only when these Republicans no longer need to raise funds that we will see much of the threat that hangs over us disappear.

We have received commitments from the government that if we bring forward names and locations of where this activity has taken place / is still taking place, not only will the facility be closed, but the assets will also be frozen. We have been told that there will no longer be a softly softly approach. The onus will be on the people involved in the criminality to prove that their assets are not ill-gotten gains.

The government has said that the difficulty in the past, especially in South Armagh, is that people are not willing to come forward to make allegations and pass on information. However this has changed as we are prepared to hand over copious amounts of information relating to the Republican criminality in South Armagh. We feel we must take this approach as it is us who are most likely to suffer at the hands of these Republicans. The removal of these money making facilities for Republicans is a necessary move towards true and lasting peace. If the IRA has ceased all activities, then why does it still feel the need to make such huge amounts of money through laundering and smuggling? When this type of funding stops, we can possibly place more trust in the statement by the IRA that the war IS over. As it stands, victims cannot trust a terrorist organisation that continues to raise funds through criminality.

We also look forward to the day that Sinn Fein sign up to policing and assist us to pass on vital information to effect the arrests and the destruction of Republican criminality.


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