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27/06/05 - Irish Government Meddling with Murder

It is with utter and total disgust that we note the Irish Government's interference with Sean Kelly's reincarceration, although we as border victims are not surprised. Having violated the conditions of his release, it is our opinion that he should serve the rest of his sentence without reprieve. We have been all too aware of the Republic's partisan stance throughout the Troubles, and of the safe haven it provided for countless terrorists over the years.

We have been relentlessly pushing the Irish Government to deal with a number of murders in the border area which involved Garda collusion - with little success. In some cases it has been crystal clear that a politically-motivated blind eye has been turned to the activities of the IRA on the Republic's border. Another case has come into the light in which a horrendous kidnap, torture and murder of a UDR corporal, and subsequent booby-trapping of his body, was accompanied by a complete lack of cooperation from Dublin in the prosecution of the perpetrators. Two men apprehended leaving the scene on the Southern side of the border, both of whom fitted the descriptions of two men at the firing point for the mines, were of course released without charge by the Garda. We have now found out that the same mines used in this incident in 1972 were only ever used again at the slaughter of Tullyvallen - again to catch survivors and emergency services.

It is time for the Irish Government to end their hypocrisy and clean up their own backyard. Not happy with harbouring numerous murderers on the run, they are now complaining to the British Government when one is put back inside in Northern Ireland. The Dublin government have the blood of Protestants on their hands, due to inaction when they should have taken the necessary steps to bring the serial killers to justice. We would remind Bertie of his promise to clean the arms bunkers out himself should the IRA fail to do so, and to deliver on it rather than cry to high heaven about the convicted terrorist, Sean Kelly.

It is obvious that the double-standards of one of the most corrupt countries in Europe will inevitably lead them to defend the IRA and it's members. And it is also obvious to clear-thinking individuals that justice only counts when one of 'their own' has been murdered, as in the case of Jerry McCabe. It is high time they opened their mouths to confess their part in the IRA's terrorist campaign, rather than spout hypocritical rantings about a republican terrorist. They can be assured that the border Protestants hold them accountable for a sizable number of murders in their areas, and when all the facts are pulled together, their partisan stance has also had a terrible effect on the wider UK community. A fact which ordinary British citizens should not be oblivious to, and recall when Bertie continues to call for Kelly's release.


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