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Inquiries require parity of esteem

The continued inquiry into the death of IRA solicitor Rosemary Nelson demonstrates clearly the inherent bias and political motivation behind the spate of inquiries. Rather than being set up to find out truth and bring closure to the suffering of victims and loved ones the purpose lies in deriving political advantage against the Protestant and unionist community and enhancing the propaganda of Irish republicanism.

What is in reality a cheap point scoring exercise by Sinn Fein/IRA, with the added bonus of reactivating electoral support for republican terrorism in the wake of the McCartney murders, supersedes any real value in the circumstances of the death of a person somewhat mistakenly described as a human rights lawyer.

If what is to be presented here is grounds for an inquiry then in our opinion there is room for numerous relating to the atrocities in south Armagh. We have raised more than 70 cases of IRA murders which we believe justify an inquiry every bit as much as Rosemary Nelson and yet they are ignored and devalued because they presumably are not high profile republicans. Of course there is great value for the government in appeasing the republican terror machine, far more than giving justice or truth to innocent victims.

The current cold case reviews also are seeming to be an abject failure, with much of the work being done failing to serve the interests of the innocent victims. It seems that this process will take longer in terms of years than many of the victims will have left to live. It is time that there was a parity of esteem in term of inquiries and that they stop being used as a political football.


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