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FAIR Bemused Over IRA Acts

FAIR is highly bemused regarding the joy expressed over the IRAs claim to have decommissioned all its used weaponry. Politicians and so many of our fellow citizens seems to have forgotten three key issues. One is that these weapons would have provided vital forensic and ballistic evidence to solve open murder investigations and assuage the grief of hundreds of families left behind. This evidence is now lost forever thanks to the British Governments ignorance to victims issues.

Secondly, while we cannot question the integrity of the religious monitors, one has to remind people that humans can easily be fooled by smoke, mirrors and slight of hand. The art of illusion has been practiced for centuries so even assuming that the IRA showed the monitors all of their arms dumps, which we believe unlikely, who knows what in reality occurred without video or expert evidence?

Thirdly and finally, IRA/Sinn Fein has the financial resources, international terror contacts and the political willpower to purchase more new weaponry instantly than they have ever destroyed. Until they decommission their mindset and give up the right to kill and main in the name of a united Ireland, then there is no peace in the eyes of victims.

People in South Armagh, other areas of Northern Ireland and the UK mainland still are unable to walk free from fear of the gunmen so really, what has changed? They IRA can recommence their campaign at anytime they choose if their demands are not met. History has proven this time and time again - has the Docklands bombing been forgotten so easily?


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