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IRA smuggling must be stopped

Tomorrow morning at 11:30 AM a delegation from FAIR will be submitting a dossier to No. 10 Downing Street. This submission to the Prime Minister will contain photographs of cigarettes being smuggled, fuel being smuggled, and the names and places where this activity is going on. It will also contain details of a number of outlets used by the IRA located in Protestant areas that sell smuggled fuel, profits of which go towards financing IRA activity, and detail of some of the main players working in the IRAs highly profitable industry of customs fraud. This is of great importance and relevance to the victims of terrorism because it has been a significant means by which the IRA has financed its terrorist activities blights the lives of so many, through fear and intimidation, to the present day.

We will seeking to find out from the Prime Minister why the criminal activities of the IRA have not been brought to a close once and for all especially in the light of the largest peacetime bank robbery the world has ever seen in Belfast last month. It seems that criminality is the keyword here; in short these people and their organisation are criminals and the agency responsible for dealing with much of the IRAs economic fundraising crime - Custom's and Excise - has blatantly failed in it duty to bring them to book.

As Tony Blair meets with the leaders of Sinn Fein/IRA tomorrow also we call on him to act to bring these people to account. Rather than wasting British taxpayers money appeasing these men - it would be far more appropriate and morally justifiable in the light of their activities and the governments global anti-terrorist policies to spent the money defeating terrorist crime, which has provided financial means for this organisation to destroy society and the lives of numerous innocent people not only in south Armagh but across Northern Ireland.


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