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Bradley Surrenders Impartiality

The FAIR victims group are not surprised by the politically motivated statement put out by Denis Bradley who supposedly holds the impartial post of Vice-chairman of the Policing Board. With such a high profile post, which also pays a lucrative salary, Denis Bradley cannot be allowed to impose his known republican / nationalist views on the workings of what is supposed to be an impartial policing body. Had this been a person with Unionist credentials there is no doubt that he would have been immediately dismissed. Does the government have the courage and conviction to maintain the impartiality of the board by dismissing Denis Bradley forthwith?

Over a year ago Denis Bradley was asked to respond to numerous questions submitted by the FAIR group regarding the security in South Armagh, not surprisingly with his pro republican agenda he failed to or was unable to answer our queries.

It is despicable that Denis Bradley should imply the death of a police officer would impact upon policing knowing that such a statement is nothing more than an incitement for republican terrorists to commit another murder.

With regard to his statement that parts of Londonderry are not properly policed, is he by this statement contradicting the Chief Constable and confirming, contrary to what we were told, that the changes implemented by the Patten report have failed. If so this is indeed a revelation by the vice-chairman of the policing board.

FAIR and the victims of terrorism deplore the statement issued by Denis Bradley and would call upon him to resign his position on the policing board. Should he not have the courage or decency to do so then he should be removed by those in authority.


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