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Following the coverage of Victims meeting with the DUP it now seems that I must set the record straight once more. In reference to our meeting with Ian Paisley Junior and his father, there are a number of untruths in his reply. This will provide answers to deal with a few of them:

Firstly I would never thank anyone for bringing terrorists into government or onto the policing board, to decide on future policy over the very people they tried to murder for thirty years. I will leave the people of Ulster to judge whether William Frazer would thank someone for elevating terrorists into government, the DUP may have changed but I have not

Secondly Mr Paisley mentioned the outcome of the recent elections, as he boasted of his parties success. All I can say is that I can only be proud of one thing and that is I did not deceive the electorate. No one who cast their vote for me has come back and stated that I was misleading in my election campaign. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the DUP campaign. A large percentage of DUP voters did not feel the DUP would proceed into power-sharing with terrorists and now those voters feel mislead.

In relation to the claim that I rang him to congratulate him and apologise for my conduct during the election. All I can say is that I once heard that to be a good liarů you need a good memory! Unfortunately Ian Jnr has forgotten that it was he who rang me, as can be proved from telephone records if need be. He is right in saying I did congratulate him on his success in the election campaign, as most reasonable people would. I have never been one for sour grapes and while I may disagree fundamentally with the manner in which they deceived the people I am generous enough to commend the hard work they put in. I certainly never apologised for my conduct during the election. You only apologise if you have done something wrong and I have done nothing wrong. However many like myself would like an apology from Paisley and the DUP for the lies told to the electorate.

Ian Jnr concludes that I should be more careful in future in safeguarding the rights of victims, than engaging in political argument. My answer to this is that we are victims because of the political arguments over this country. It is people like us who are left to pay the price for the mistakes of politicians. He is a bit late in telling victims in South Armagh to be careful. Some could even interpret this as a warning of some kind!

I would like to assure Mr Paisley and other politicians out there, that we fear neither terrorists nor political terrorists and we have more than paid the price to see justice done, instead of seeing terrorists in government and on the policing board.

Thank God we did have men with conviction and principle, albeit in times PAST, like his father.


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