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IRA Smuggling Dossier to No. 10

On Thursday a delegation from FAIR will be submitting a dossier to No. 10 Downing Street, with the intention of being there at as close as possible to the time of arrival of Gerry Adams and his companions. Within our submission we will be giving photographs of cigarettes being smuggled, fuel being smuggled, and the names and places where this activity is going on. It will also contain details of a number of outlets used by the IRA located in Protestant areas that sell smuggled fuel, profits of which go towards financing IRA activity.

We will be asking the Prime Minister why these people have not been dealt with. It seems that criminality is the keyword here; in short these people and their organisation are criminals. Of course they are still terrorists and our point is that they have been involved in criminality for the past 30 odd years. The Northern Bank robbery was a slap in the face for the government not only here but also in the Republic of Ireland. When we consider the millions that the government is permitting these people to make by defrauding customs then it makes the bank robbery look meagre.

The victims demand justice and for the fear to be removed from within our own community. One simple question we wish to pose is regarding Larkin's Road in south Armagh. In the 1980s a law was brought out restricting the movement of any lorry without express permission from customs. How then can a fuel company be operating on this road? Do they fly the fuel in?

We also plan to visit the Head Quarters of Customs and Excise in London to find out why nothing has been done to address this situation. We will also be handing a copy of the dossier in to them and demanding that they act to stop the defrauding of the British exchequer by the IRA on a massive scale. So far the only interest they have shown in this case of multi-million pound fraud is to direct us to their confidential hotline for informers.


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