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Big customs operation in south Armagh

At last we are starting to see a genuine effort made by the security forces to deal with the problem of terrorism and terror linked crime in the south Armagh area. A large police/military convoy supporting a customs and excise team has moved into the south Armagh. The operation involves a number of support helicopters and approximately 30 land vehicles. It is unfortunate that the area is still in such a condition that there are still so many troops needed. If thee had been any more they might have been able to go on and take Fallujah.

This has been one of the largest actions of its kind in south Armagh and we are led to believe it has resulted in the confiscation of a number of containers and tankers. It is good to see the police and customs in operation in this way and a great encouragement to those who continue to suffer intimidation and terror from these gangsters.

If it is proven that there is a paramilitary connection with the customs fraud that has been dealt with today then there must be implications for any deal that takes place. These people must not be allowed to act freely and above the law any longer. Although we praise the security forces for a job well done today - we believe that it is time the government took the handcuffs of the security forces so that law and order can be brought back to the area and the people can be allowed to live normal lives instead of ones ruled by hooligans and thugs under the banner of republicanism.

While we were in Jonesborough today, we were greatly encouraged watching the vehicles go past, but seemed to annoy many of the locals who have been riding on the back of republicanism and making a lot of money out of it. Some became quite aggressive and insulting and ordered us out of the village. Unfortunately the threats no longer work.

We welcome this action and hopefully this is just the start of it. It is our hope that the godfathers are brought to book for their continued criminal activities that blight the lives of so many ordinary people in this area.


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