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Road Bowls - IRA Style

Again we see two more terrorist attacks on the security forces in South Armagh, although this time not with guns but a possibly more brutal method - the use of vehicles to run them down. Although only one was injured in the attacks, it certainly was not due to lack of effort from the terrorists, among whom there seems to be a renewed effort to kill and maim security force members.

Although many parts of South Armagh remain no-go areas in this so-called peaceful Province, the Republicans are not satisfied and wish to continue to instil terror into the local population and the security forces whose hands are tied, and mouths gagged. They dare not respond to any terrorist attack to preserve their own lives or the lives of others. Due to the lack of will and a corrupt appeasement policy, our security forces have been rendered useless. They might as well be armed with rubber bands as rubber bullets, and no-one dare mention the use of live rounds. We must pose the question - when will they be allowed to defend themselves- will it be when a significant proportion of them are hospitalized or dead? Or will they never be allowed, becoming a law enforcing police who can't enforce the law? A vehicle can kill even at a relatively slow speed as much as a bomb or a bullet. And these terrorists mean to kill.

We call on the government to give them back their teeth - allow them to defend themselves and in the process the peaceable community at large. We believe Paul Murphy, the man who can put a stop to this, should come down and man a checkpoint himself for a couple of nights. If the IRA don't run a car into him it will definitely put the fear of God into him. In the hands of a pathological maniac, a car becomes an offensive weapon in the eyes of the law and can yield more horrific injuries than a bullet. For some roadkill victims, it would have been kinder to put a bullet in their heads. Perhaps he could learn these lessons from his men on the ground and give them back their rights.

The attacks must cease. The game of Road Bowls favoured by Republicans which involves the illegal blocking of roads in South Armagh seems to have gone to the heads of the IRA. We believe that this should not be allowed to happen, and that the hatred-fuelled attacks by Republicans must be stopped with force if necessary. If this is not allowed to happen, the marines should be brought back, if only for the peace of mind of the local populations. How can ordinary civilians ever accept this violent peace as a true Peace?


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