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Ahern: IRA Active

It has been no surprise to us to hear reported the recent statement by Irish Taioseach Bertie Ahern, that the provisional IRA were still active in recruiting and are still training for acts of terrorism. The empty rhetoric regularly produced by the likes of Adams and McGuinness over the past number of years giving indication of a new peaceful route for the IRA, clearly did not tally with the continued existence of a monster that remained fully armed and threatening with the ability to extract concessions from the government on that basis, and that feels free to murder Roman Catholics that stand against it at will and threaten whosoever it wishes.

The understanding that the IRA is active in this way stands in great contrast to the security policies of Tony Blair's government. An active, recruiting and training IRA surely would demand a vigilant security policy resourced sufficiently to counter the terrorist threat to society where necessary. Instead we see the police continuously eroded, and constant withdrawals and downsizing of the military. A big problem is that there are outsiders with authority in this situation like Hugh Orde who do not fully understand the situation and believe it must be their role to offer up our community for slaughter.

Perhaps an inquiry into all the events that took place in the south Armagh area would solve a lot of problems from the past and those posed in the future. The reality is that despite all the evidence, even from unusual quarters such as the Irish Prime Minister, the IRA is still a threat and that the government has allowed them to act freely and still do.


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