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Another Republican Attempt to Discredit Security Forces

In the course of our ongoing investigations into terrorist murders and activity we have been shocked by the most recent attempt by the Republican movement to rewrite the past. A terrorist who himself has featured in our research into the murder and intimidation of innocent civilians in the Newry area was himself killed by the PIRA in 1990. In a killing which bears a degree of similarity to the Robert McCartney murder. Eoin Morley was shot as part of an ongoing feud after a Sinn Fein/IRA statement.

First and foremost Eoin Morley was a Terrorist, he was an active member of the PIRA. involved in the murder of members of the security forces, and the injury of others. Some time before his murder Morley left the PIRA and went to another terrorist group the IPLO. He and others from this group were told by the IRA to leave Ireland or they would be shot, this was because when he left the PIRA, and their "Army orders " forbid a former member from going to another faction, and bringing any knowledge from the PIRA with them. Ignoring the laws of both the UK and the Republic of Ireland the IRA terrorist law demanded that he be punished. After moving to the Manchester area with other members of his family, a short time later he returned to Newry, and was shot dead by the PIRA

After his death, his mother approached a member of the "Army Council PIRA" and asked him for a personal favour to her family, to look into the killing of her son, It was alleged by the family that the killing was a personal vendetta by the then alleged "OC" of the IRA in the Newry and Dundalk area " Mooch Blair "! She claimed he had been killed as a result of a grudge held since the days when her husband David Morley had been OC of prisoners in Long Kesh in the mid-1970s. The PIRA, issued a statement saying that he was an Informer, having passed information on PIRA arm's dumps to an other member of the IPLO. These dumps were then found by the RUC, and a number of men were arrested, the man he gave the information to was "Fergus Conlon" who was later shot by the IPLO, as a police informer. At the request of Mrs Morley, the PIRA Army council investigated her accusations of collusion by members of the PIRA who she claimed set her son up to get even with her husband. The PIRA Army council Martin Maguiness, is alleged to have investigated and presented her with his findings.

These remain a Republican secret however they either did not satisfy the family or for a more sinister motive they have now changed their original story and are blaming the police. We can only conclude that either the PIRA has intimidated them into changing their story or that they are colluding with Sinn Fein/IRA to make allegations against the police. Whatever is the truth we as innocent victims are outraged that tax-payers money has been wasted by the Police Ombudsman investigating an internal grudge killing by one terrorist group of another terrorist. The allegations of collusion made on a number of websites, clearly fits into the tried and tested Republican template aimed at discrediting the police. Like children republicans appear to see the bogey-man of Special Branch agents behind ever door and under ever bed.

The fact that the Police Ombudsman is naive enough to take such outrageous allegations into account says now about her unfitness for position than anything else. However it is telling to see what she does say about the murder, and we can draw lessons from this. It is clearly stated in her report that "The Provisional IRA claimed responsibility for his murder". A fact that no amount of spin or propaganda can hide. In terms of the police investigation she is critical of procedures used at the time, however it must be stressed that all murders were investigated using these procedures, including those of police men killed by republican terrorism. She does conclude that "The murder investigation team was initially well resourced, involving at least 20 officers. The team was subsequently reduced to a core team of about 8 which reflected the reducing workloads for the investigation after the initial enquiries…" This raises a very crucial point the police had incredible workloads at this time - the reason : they were dealing with hundreds of terrorist related crimes and murders. The officers were working under great threat with an overwhelming amount of murder cases. These were the direct produce of terrorist activity and some were the result of the actions of Eoin Morley. His murder was only one of many that were current at this time, the others were as a result of the deadly actions of Morley and his PIRA and IPLO colleagues.

The second point stressed and the real reason why noone has been convicted of the murder was "Police were unable to visit the scene until after military personnel had cleared the area because there was a high-level security threat. The scene was thus not able to be preserved by police. The area posed a significant threat to police officers at the time…… The scene examination was inevitably limited, as it has been established that for reasons of security there would have been a risk in remaining in the vicinity." Just as in the murder of Robert McCartney Republican elements in the local community actively prevented the police from doing their job. The police were targets in this area, and risked life and limb conducting the investigations they did in the area. The PIRA effectively ensured as they did in the Short Strand recently that the police could not secure the scene of the crime. If there was collusion in this murder it was carried out by the PIRA who conspired to protect the killers.

Another discrepancy in the Morley family's position is that, according to the Ombudsman, "Four individuals were variously named as being one of those responsible for carrying out the attack." Despite this fact they appear only concerned with one figure that of Kevin Fulton who they allege was Mr A. If the family were really concerned with justice should they not be pursuing all the men allegedly involved? Their failure raises suspicions that this is simply an attempt to discredit Kevin Fulton who continues to be a thorn in the side of Sinn Fein/IRA.

The wild allegations investigated by the Obundsman were largely disproved as she concluded that " There is nothing to indicate any prior knowledge by police or any police involvement in Eoin Morley's death. Nor is there any evidence or intelligence to indicate that there was an attempt by the police to provoke a feud between the IPLO and PIRA." Therefore this issue must be now ended as it is clear that the police investigated this murder in the same way they did hundreds of others, and problems can be attritutable to the security situation. It is the highest hypocracy for a terrorist group to attack the police and then criticise them for not investigating the killing of a terrorist they had carried out. If any further investigation is launched then we wish to see all aspects of this killing and the background of Mr Morley and his family looked into. For example while in the Manchester area he and others associated with him became involved in the Drug's trade, and were responsible for the supply of a "Tablet Press " for making Ecstasy tablets to the PIRA. This very clear link between illegal drugs and the PIRA remains an embarrassment to that group. It is interesting to note that British Agent Kevin Fulton, then working with British Customs, tracked the tablet press to the P.IRA. from Manchester to Dublin, where Defrocked priest Patrick Ryan, was allegedly photographed in receipt of the machine. |Perhaps it is for this reason and for the damaging information that Kevin Fulton has exposed that many Republicans hold a grudge against him and seek to discredit him. "The Garda then lost the tablet press."


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