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Response To Clonard Attack

I write with regard to the comments expressed by the learned gentlemen of Clonard Monastry dated 20th October 2005, and subsequently published in several Ulster Newspapers on Friday 21st October 2005. Firstly I would point out that the 12th Oct. predates the 13th Oct 2005. I do so to highlight the untruthful insinuation that Father Reid was 'goaded by myself', prior to his making the despicable remarks that he did on that Wed Oct 12th evening. Furthermore in their letter of 21st Oct the authors refer to a sentence contained within my web-site press release of Thursday 13th however they most noticeably and conveniently chose to admit the sentences written previous to their quoted line, and to which their chosen printed quotation relates to. For those of you in society who are not regular users of the internet I will quote the full text including the sentences referring to Clonard Monastry : Indeed at that time as the PIRA engaged in its first acts of terrorism in the grounds of Clonard Monastery its superior P.J. Egan spoke to the people of the area saying "The defense of the area was left to a handful of teenagers. They did a great job. We were proud of them" Another senior priest later admitted to the Scarman Tribunal that he gave armed terrorists permission to stay and use the Monastry as a base for their operations. That's what I mean when I say that the Clergy of Clonard Monastery have blood on their hands. On the evening of Wed 12th October at Fitzroy Presbyterian Meeting House, Fr. Reid was given uninterrupted time at the commencement of the evenings proceedings in order to state his case with regard to his witness at the decommissioning process. During his address he was openly antagonistic towards the Protestant people, indeed he had warned us at the outset , before he had made any remarks, that he was likely to be so inclined. However Fr. Reid has a chance to redeem himself, if he states that his Fitzroy Nazi comments are totally unfounded and that there is no justification for making such remarks, and that he should realise that both sides of the working class divide in Ulster were treated similarly over past decades. My own family circumstances bare witness to this. Such misrepresentation of past history has led to the PIRA to believe that their terrorist campaign of ethnic cleansing, hatred, bigotry and murder was indeed justified. A PIRA campaign that has claimed the lives of almost 500 Roman Catholics. We at F.A.I.R. have been humbled in recent days by the number of Roman Catholic people who have got in touch with us to express their distain and to distance themselves from Fr Reids vicious remarks. In passing, it is also interesting to note, following the Oct 20th comments made by the Rev Dr. D.J.McGaughey, that he was only approached last Nov 2004 to act as a bonafide witness on behalf of the Unionist family at this act of decommissioning and that both Rev Good and Fr. Reid have informed us that they were approached in Oct 2004. It would appear that from its beginning to its supposed ignominious conclusion that whole process has been one of Government manipulation and Republican deceit. To ask the Protestant people to place their trust in such an obvious contrived fiasco, is in itself unbelievable. After Fr Reids Fitzroy Nazi outburst, it is now clear that the overwhelming majority of the Protestant community wants nothing to do with people like Fr. Reid, for such people work to an agenda which is clear in its intention to degrade and dehumanise Ulster's Protestant people. Yours sincerely, W.Frazer.


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