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As Republicans call for truth we wonder can they really handle the Truth? The truth of what happened here over the past Thirty years is in one way quite straight forward. When we look at victims and the numbers of those who were murdered the truth is quite clear almost half of those killed were killed by Republicans including many innocent members of their own community. Now the harsh reality for Republicans is that for years key members of their organisation were in the employ of the British government. The question is no longer IF the Provo’s were infiltrated but for how long by how many and what was the results.

Indeed Republicans have made a noose for their own necks in that they have developed very sophisticated and very well organized processes and propaganda to investigate, expose and judge Collusion. This has until now focused on alleged loyalist collusion where the extent and role of British intelligence infiltration and direction of loyalists was challenged. Now the same self made machinery will be used to judge the Republican movement. Already we have had a small taste of this with stake-knife and others it would now seem that the Brits had a full dinner service of republican agents.

Claims about Martin McGuiness were met with loud denial perhaps the lady doth protect too much. Now in Tyrone where when we survey the history of security force successes it becomes clear that an agent of high rank was at his work. FAIR exposed this number of months ago when we revealed that the security force success at Loughall which wiped out some of the most dangerous of PIRA killers was as a result of collusion. It was two-fold in that the particular PIRA team needed to be stopped but also because its leader James Lynagh was planning to either derail the Adams leadership’s political strategy or to split from them. He was not stopped to prevent further loss of life he was stopped because he was a threat to the Adams/McGuiness-British strategy.

The British government had for a number of years been grooming the Adams leadership steering them towards a negotiated settlement. This grooming involved conditioning them to adopt a more and more political path, bringing them in from the cold and showing them that the war could not be won by the PIRA, it involved allowing a certain level of violence and indeed providing Adams and McGuiness and others with a certain freedom to indulge in violence to boost their reputations and position. All the time they were being protected firstly from other Republican elements such as Lynagh who were eliminated. Republicans should cast their minds back and think how many critics of Adams and Sinn Fein were killed or arrested or compromised. Protected from loyalists indeed we can reveal at least three assassination attempts on the Sinn Fein leadership were prejudiced by British intelligence, how many more were likewise spiked. Finally they were protected from the law from arrest and prosecution. Those senior Republicans who actually got their hands dirty could not have done so without the knowledge of the British government, such was their profile that if proper surveillance or investigation were allowed they would not have been able to operate.

If Republicans can look beyond their propaganda for a moment and ask themselves a few hard questions then maybe they will find the truth within themselves. The whole collusion debate is meant to muddy the waters about the real nature and extent of collusion and just how much Sinn Fein/IRA was infiltrated. We as victims welcome the truth for we have nothing to hide it is those who were involved in terrorist crime that should be worried. We welcome the recent efforts by a young victim Nigel Lutton to expose the truth and know by his efforts he will help others in similar situations. We also have had our suspicions about the individual in question and hope that this will be the first of many such exposures.

While David Simpson is to be commended for his actions and his continuing interest in justice for victims we cannot help but wonder how he and others in the DUP can square sitting in government with such men. This will raise many issues such as just how much information and access to and control of Sinn Fein policy did the British government have during the peace process. Now is the time for truth and justice and as victims we demand both. In areas like South Armagh we demand the truth about the involvement of British agents with the PIRA and the passing of information on local security force members who were subsequently murdered. We demand the truth about why the PIRA were allowed to operate unchecked and indeed in a number of cases up to 40 gunmen were allowed to continue.

We have known for some time that many of these matters can only be explained by collusion, it has take time to collate the facts but now we feel it is necessary to launch our own campaign for truth. Many high-ranking and long serving republicans have good cause to worry indeed many of those who came down each Christmas for their bonus at the VCPs should now ask themselves was ten thousand really enough?


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