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Garda/FAIR Meeting Arranged

Fair are to meet Garda Commissioner in the coming days to arrange a date for the next rally in Dublin. The last rally that was organised by victims in Dublin was disrupted by Republicans who rioted in Dublin City Centre and caused thousands of Euros worth of damage. Victims are still being ignored by the Irish government and they feel that it is necessary to go to Dublin again, in order to highlight the plight of victims and get the attention of the Dublin government. We hope and pray that Republicans do not repeat the vicious display of naked sectarianism shown at the last rally.

FAIR will also be asking about the details of the recent arms find in Wicklow. This issue has been brushed under the carpet, but any future for peace in Ulster relies on guns being taken out of politics. We as victims have been assured that IRA weaponry has been taken out of the equation, yet finds of weaponry such as the Wicklow find causes us great concern, as we feel that lies have been told about the extent of IRA decommissioning.

Finally we intend to ask about the Columbia 3. FAIR is still in contact with families of innocent people killed and maimed by the FARC. These families still have many questions relating to IRA training and help offered to the FARC and the suffering of these families has not eased.

We hope to obtain some clear answers on these issues, for justice must be sought and the truth must be told. Until the truth comes out, no victims can truly move on towards proper peace and reconciliation.


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