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The True face of Sinn Fein / IRA

Following Mitchell McLaughlin's callous statement yesterday we call on all right-thinking politicians to break off all form of communications with Sinn Fein / IRA. It does not require any degree of open-mindedness to realize that there is a fundamental problem with the Republican mindset, that it is a scourge on our society and a slur on the democratic principles of our country.

The IRA, and it's equally-fascist political wing has no qualms justifying the murder of a defenceless mother, and indeed glorifying the act as part of their armed struggle. It goes without saying that they continue to justify their terrorist onslaught on the ordinary citizens of the Province, and such atrocities as the Kingsmills, Tullyvallen, and Darkley massacres remain glorious chapters of the Revolution, to be told and retold to subsequent Volunteers.

It is no wonder then that the IRA has shown no visible forms of remorse, nor sign of contrition, and indeed has consistently had the gall to venerate their henchmen and their evil deeds. Although they may not be killing as many, they remain stedfastly fixed on their objectives, a terrorist organization still willing to ruthlessly pursue a United Ireland using any means at their disposal. This in the past has resulted in the 'disposal' of mothers and children, fathers, uncles and sons, and there is every sign that our recent past will be endlessly repeated as for the cause of Mother Ireland. Controlling communities through fear is their trademark and various forms of intimidations their calling card used to visit terror on the innocent and defenceless of our society. Not only should their words and acts be repudiated, they should be removed from any and all positions of power.

This message has constantly been relayed by FAIR to the whole community, and should have bear more weight as the people saying it are the people who have suffered the most at their hands. We call on the DUP to withdraw from any form of communication with these callous men and women, and to have nothing more to do with them. Their attitude is deeply offensive to the people who suffered the worst of the terrorist onslaught.

FAIR delegates will be in Westminster next week to raise various issues and meet a number of politicians, and will be highlighting McLaughlin's statement as proof of the Sinn Fein / IRA mindset. With nothing new under the sun the political farce must end, the failed Agreement be consigned to the rubbish bin, and Sinn Fein hounded from the halls of power. The victims fully understand the implications for the future of such rhetoric as McLaughlin's comments, and it could well prove to be bleak if something is not done immediately. This is the Armani Suit Brigade at it's most presentable - imagine what they would look like with the customary boiler suits.


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