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DUP got it wrong again

Victims are disgusted by the most recent backslider in the DUP Willie McCrea. Many victims had looked to Rev McCrea and others in the party as honest, genuine friends of victims - men of principle who spoke the truth. Sadly in this regard as with others we have been very poor judges of character.

A matter of weeks ago Mr McCrea still doubted the direction and speed of his party. Indeed at the time he told us it sickened him to see what Paisley was doing. Now it would appear in a short space of time and with no visible actions by SF/IRA he is satisfied. Indeed such is his conversion that he is encouraging victims to throw a party and celebrate about the events. Let me tell Mr McCrea that unrepentant terrorists in government should never be a cause for celebration, and that deceiving the Unionist electorate should cause him shame not joy.

Excuse victims and Unionists generally for finding no comfort in his assurances that the DUP will defend us. One need only look at their atrocious record of service in the security forces and ask just what did any of them do to defend Ulster. It there were service medals for talking they would be well decorated but many DUP politicians appeared more willing to castigate the security forces as appeared to join them. Perhaps this is the reason for their failure to be able to differentiate victory from defeat. It is true that we were winning the war against the IRA however, thanks to the crass stupidly and cowardice of our politicians we have lost the Peace. While the bravery and sacrifice of victims thwarted Republicans’ designs the DUP have handed to them what they could never have won.

As someone who has done more to challenge and confound Republican propaganda I will not be silenced by the DUP. To claim that I and other Unionists by telling the truth are playing into the hands of Republicans is disgraceful. This is the Nazi collaborators telling Jews to be silent about the Holocaust. Perhaps McCrea and others can no longer listen to the truth and do feel some shame or guilt for their actions. I do agree that Republicans have not secured their ultimate victory however if Willie McCrea expects Unionists to sleep easy in their beds by saying they can only do so in the future if we let them’, he is wrong. After such an absolute and hasty collapse from the DUP how can we ever trust them again? The DUP have failed to keep their promise and they have failed to stop let alone smash SF/IRA.

They have failed the entire Unionist community and victims in particular and therefore we will ‘block every move by the DUP to cover the embarrassment of their failure’. Unlike the DUP victims have not and will not give up the fight and to try and imply that we have is unworthy of the lowest politician much less a minister of religion. It would appear the only fight the DUP is presently engaged in is to see who can grasp the most expenses with Mr McCrea fighting hard and heading off stiff competition to claim £11,320.97 in the few weeks the Assembly has sat. Perhaps this figure and the promise of more is the real reason for Mr McCrea’s conversion.

Perhaps he should recall those words to me in the central lobby of Westminster when we sat and chatted and shared our disbelief and disgust at the plans to share power with Sinn Fein/IRA. I will give him time to recall and reflect on these words made in front of witnesses where he said the opposite and pledged to resist the moves he now appears to endorse. He appears to have spoken similarly to an elder in his own church and he must now explain why his mind has changed because Republicans have done nothing in the intervening weeks to amend their ways.

His talk of Sinn Fein/IRA being defeated by virtue of sitting in Stormont as if this place had some magical spiritual atoning quality is a lie. It was Rev McCrea who led the assault on David Trimble when he used the same argument to excuse his deals with Adams. Sinn Fein has milked concession after concession from the British Government however it was the DUP who finally plunged the knife into the body of Unionism on the attar of their political expediency and financial necessity. For this reason confidence is bleeding from the Unionist community , we need honesty not empty historic rhetoric from the likes of Willie McCrea.


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