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Republican Shrine at the Maze Site

A number of the victims groups and individuals, who we have been in contact with recently, are disgusted at plans to build a shrine to Republican terrorists at the Maze site. All who have expressed disgust at the plans feel this is an insult to their loved ones.

When one considers the actions of the bloodthirsty killers who were incarcerated at the Maze and now are to be remembered by this shrine, especially the criminals who went on hunger strike on the order of IRA commanders, it is too much for victims to take. Therefore victims will launch a campaign against this shrine being present at the Maze site, or indeed at all. We will start to hold protests at the Maze, until this matter is resolved.

In the past I have made the promise that I will level any shrine built or kept at the Maze site and I am still committed to this promise. I promised this not only to our own group, but to other victims also. If this matter cannot be resolved, I will keep my promise that I have made, irrespective of the consequences. We are sick of false promises by our politicians and the government, whilst Republicans re-write history and the price of water seems to be more costly than the blood of loved ones.

All we ever asked for was recognition for victims and justice to be done. Our loved ones led the fight against terrorism in our society and it is their loved ones who will stand up to the deceit of the government and politicians. Be under no illusion, that this is one battle that we as victims will not lose.


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