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Republican violence hasn’t gone away you know

Over the last few days we have seen examples of the new way forward by Republicans. Here are just a few examples of the ongoing tide of violence:

1. Two dead and one injured in Belfast in-fighting within Republican circles 2. Republicans hold illegal protest in Lurgan at an Orange parade. They threw stones and bottles whilst shouting sectarian abuse at those parading and also those attending the parade. 3. At the same parade, colleagues of the Lurgan IRA commander made threats to kill some certain individuals attending the parade. The threats were both verbal and through gestures, by forming a gun with their hands and putting it to their heads and then pointing at individuals attending the parade. Therefore they were conveying the message publicly that those individuals would be shot through the head. 4. Republican criminality still ongoing, through smuggling, fuel plants and laundering. 5. Republican intimidation still widespread. 6. Another case of Republican violence, intimidation and sectarian hatred, when an army helicopter crashed in South Armagh at the weekend. It is a pity that the Republican “peacemakers” were not present to stop local Republicans attacking the police, army and even the fire service as they attended the scene. Those who helped the injured soldiers must be commended as they were the subject of such sectarian violence. The crowd that gathered shouted “Hope they are dead” as the injured were being tended to.

It is unfortunate that police still have to use helicopters to travel to and from work in Crossmaglen. Hugh Orde told us that this type of incident was not happening anymore. Given the fact that the army are to be out of South Armagh by the end of the month, can anyone explain how this move is justified, when police are not even safe enough to travel to work in the traditional method; the traditional method being a car?

FAIR want to reassure people who are still being victimised, that we have not gone away and we are still trying to get the truth about what is really happening, out in the public arena. We also need to remind our politicians that we have not gone away and that we cannot be blackmailed or intimidated by either side. We all want peace, but it has to be genuine and not one built solely on the promises of money.


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