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Dear Mr Cox, Firstly I hope that your family member who is sick in England is on the mend, I have been phoning your office repeatedly and was told that you were there but very busy, your staff must have had their wires crossed. Again I hope they are feeling a lot better.

Recently there has been a consorted effort by Republicans and also some innocent families that lost loved ones within the Roman Catholic Community, to wage a propaganda campaign against the local UDR and RUC men that were murdered or who served in the South Armagh area.

We have noticed with great interest and surprise that you have written to the Reavey family, Eugene Reavey in particular, stating that he was an innocent victim with no evidence to suggest that he was involved in any terrorist or criminal activities.

As my fathers name is being blackened by these individuals as well as my uncles:Johnny Bell and Clifford Lundy also other individuals who served, Joe McCullough, Joe Porter, Joe Nesbitt, Robert McConnell, the list is continuous and every family will be writing to you individually. These are all hard working men who gave their time to protect the area they lived in, and the awful part is that they all knew that at some time it would cost them their lives.

I can remember many times some of these men coming into our home and discussing which one of them would be shot next, in some cases they were right. It is a medal of bravery you should be giving these men not allowing their name to be blackened and dishonoured by Republican propaganda.

Mr Cox if my father and others had been involved in these acts of criminality the number killed in South Armagh would have been 120 and not the 26 Roman Catholics who were killed by loyalist paramilitaries.

We are sick and tired of hypocrisy by representatives of the British Government who should defend men and women of the Security Forces who were out doing a job for them that no-one else would do. Then again if they had been killers their families would probably be in Stormont right now.

We look forward to your letter of reply in the very near future.


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