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At a time when the Irish government continues to ignore calls from victims to address their history of involvement in the Troubles we are shocked to see the haste with which certain DUP politicians run to Dublin. The latest junket by Ian Paisley Jnr to visit a museum dedicated to the memory of the architect of violent Irish Republicanism, Michael Collins, disgusts victims. He like others drive past victims and the graveyards were many lie to see their new friends in Dublin. It is fitting that a museum dedicated to the man who inspired and instigated IRA terrorism would be the aim of the visit.

Perhaps the DUP wish to see how one would develop such as facility, we are sure Edwin Poots the Minister for the Maze Terrorist Shrine would be most keen to see how a monument to terrorism could be developed and sold as a tourist attraction. Perhaps other DUP MLAs have earmarked disused British Military Installations in their constituencies as terrorist museums. Ian Jnr has perhaps noticed that St Patrick’s barracks in his constituency is now being closed, or wee Willy Hay has realised that there are a number in his home city. William Irwin in our own area has a number of wonderful hilltop locations in need of development.

Could there be and Irish government grant to develop such sites? The first step would have to be to rename the barracks removing with the flag any vestige of their once proud British history. Perhaps in Ballymena we could see St Patrick Pearce Barracks, or McGuiness Barracks in Londonderry, then in South Armagh we might have Slab fort or any one of hundreds of other names. If it were not so sickening and disgusting the scene would be most funny. However in today’s new Ulster, with today’s new DUP all things are possible, for the once unthinkable has happened.

We hope that Ian and the other DUPers reflect on the fate of Michael Collins who signed a deal with his sworn enemies which sacrificed what principles he had. He recognised that it was signing his own death warrant, politically such treason also carried the death penalty.


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