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William Frazer Arrested - Suspected NIO Involvement

William Frazer was arrested today by officers from the Kent Constabulary. The FAIR representatives were in the Ramada Hotel making themselves available after lunch for a meeting with the DUP, when they were stopped and detained. When asked why, no explanation was given except that their presence was noticed at the protest outside the gates.

When asked why they were being treated differently, they drew the conclusion that members of Sinn Fein had taken exception to their being there. Civil servants had instructed police to hold them. At that stage, in order to prove the point that they were discriminated against, William refused to leave the premises and was promptly arrested. A number of officers handcuffed and manhandled him out through a large group of media. This is an outrage, when we see that a victim is now in jail and terrorists are being treated as statesmen.

Clearly members of Sinn Fein/IRA do not like to be reminded of who they are and what they have done by the victims they tried to destroy. Sinn Fein facilitated by the NIO had tried to silence the victims and exclude them from these negotiations by arresting William Frazer. William and a group from FAIR had been making a dignified protest and holding a series of meetings with the DUP.

William Frazer arrested at behest of Sinn Fein/IRA and NIO

The peaceful actions of the group have obviously annoyed the British Government. We now call on our politicians to stand up for William and express their outrage at what has happened. It is quite obvious that they don't want a victim about the place. However the meeting with the DUP will go ahead as planned, in which the arrest of William Frazer will be top of the agenda.

His arrest stands in glaring comparison to the thousands of pounds being spent on hospitality for Sinn Fein IRA. We call on the politicians to treat Sinn Fein in the same manner as the British Government has treated the victims. Sinn Fein IRA ought to be behind bars, not their victims. Our politicians must now find out why his arrest was ordered, and to effect his immediate release.

The victims came to Leeds Castle to stage a peaceful protest in order to ensure that they were not forgotten. Obviously they have become such an annoyance and embarrassment to the British Government that they must be removed from the scene, physically in William's case. Innocent victims, whose innocence no-one can question, have become victims again by the machinations of the State and their cohorts, Sinn Fein IRA. There will be few households who have lost loved ones or have been affected by the IRA's terror campaign who will not understand the motives for his arrest. Having been alienated, downtrodden, and ignored for 30 years, history is repeating itself right on the doorstep of the British establishment.


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