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Maze Stadium insult to Victims

It has been with disgust that member s of FAIR have read the detail in the media regarding the proposed new Ulster stadium to be constructed on the site of the Maze prison. When that prison was being emptied of its criminals under the terms of the government's appeasement compromise with the IRA, representatives of FAIR were down to voice our opposition to the release of terrorist criminals back into the community. Of course we would rather that mass murderers were punished for their crime and were still incarcerated.

Leaving that aside we find it hideous that in the proposed scheme for the site one of the H-Blocks will be left behind as some kind of sick memorial to the killers it kept away from the community. We believe that this will only end up with terrorists using what is left of the site to justify and glorify their murderous campaign of terror that blighted so many lives across the country and continues to do so.

For many years victims of south Armagh have fought to get adequate support and facilities to help them rebuild their shattered live but this have constantly been reused or delayed. So far it has been a negative response.

If they go ahead with the plan to glorify terrorism in a new Maze stadium complex, irrespective of the security implications, we will be driving a bulldozer through the remaining H-block reducing the memory of these evil men to rubble. To allow such a thing to remain to the praise of killers, while the victims of these people have been ignored is an outrage and a disgrace.


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