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UDR Compensation

Today Families Acting for Innocent Relative call upon the UDR benevolent fund to set their house in order. For years we have attempted to get those that administer the fund brought to account for their mismanagement of it in relation to the aims and objectives presented to those that made donations to it and supported its concept. Sadly our voice so far has fallen on deaf ears. We are led to believe that 16 million raised by the fund has not been spent and now will not be either - despite clearly evidenced need.

This money was raised for the express purpose of providing relief for those injured while serving on the UDR. There was no minimum service requirement, and most serving with the force gave a days pay per year as a donation to it. We believe this money should have been given as was intended to those in need who met the specifications - something that clearly has not been done.

We call on those in authority to split this fund up between the qualifying families who are in need of it most. Even if only half of it was spent on the families that needed it, it would make a massive difference to their lives- some of whom may not live to see a great deal of benefit anyway since so little effort has been made to distribute it. This at least would go some way to relieve pain and to recognise the price that has been paid. The alternative is that the 16 million is absorbed by the government and reallocated. This would be an utter and total disgrace.


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